My second custom build using the GPU from my old computer to be used for gaming, homework, and video editing. If I could go back and do it again I would buy a faster MOBO to fully support my 960 EVO, but as it stands I'm getting sub-15-second boot times so I can't complain. I absolutely loved working with the Core V21 case, the horizontal MOBO orientation makes swapping out components super easy and in my opinion looks much nicer than vertical orientations. Some upgrades I plan for the future: better graphics card, more RAM, and liquid cooling for that sweet sweet overclocking.

Part Reviews


Great gaming and light work CPU, runs without a hitch. Includes a CPU fan but I went with one that matched my build.

CPU Cooler

Great looking fan, easy installation. Included a tube of thermal paste which was great because I forgot to order any.


Great price for what it is, great BIOS, M.2 support is nice as well. Make sure you have a disk drive handy to install the included drivers, my ethernet didn't work at all at first until I installed the drivers but once I did everything ran perfectly. Also make sure if you use M.2 storage that you use the M.2_2 port as it runs slightly faster.


Great budget RAM, the black color looks great in my B+W build.


Blazingly fast storage. Make sure your MOBO can handle the full speeds this thing offers or you may not be getting the full benefits.


Works perfectly, make sure it's formatted to NTFS to use all 3 TB of storage.

Video Card

Nice budget card, slightly cheap looking and no backing plate but for the price is about as good as you can get. I would suggest getting the 6GB one if you can though as 3GB of VRAM isn't ideal.


Super easy to use, I love that the buttons and windows are fully modular because I wanted the power button and window on the top of the case, which was very easy to change.

Power Supply

Good standard PSU, came very well packaged with multiple cable management solutions.

Case Fan

Standard fan, matched my build. Looks identical to the CRYORIG CPU fans so that was nice.


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The case supports full size cards I believe, there is a lot of space in the front for cable management and longer GPUs, the only thing I can imagine getting in the way would be MOBO components.

The case also has rails to support three SATA hard drives on the side (against the "window") as well as three more rails underneath the MOBO where my HDD lives.

The case also has two sets of mounting rails for additional fans on the sides of the case, so I would just install the rails on the side closest the CPU and screw in the water cooling fans to that. Like I said, this case is super modular so I could even move the viewing window to the side and mount cooling to the top.

If I were you I would put your HDDs under the MOBO and your SSD on display, but there should be enough slots to keep all your storage in the same place.

Thanks for the response, glad I could be of some help!

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