i was looking to build something for running modern games with room to adapt and a cool black and red look. got almost all my parts. currently waiting for the other pack of ram, but currently running very well. loved working with the phantom 530. lots of space and the built in fan hub allowed me to pursue my lust for case fans, plus adjust the speed so i can sleep if its still on.

Part Reviews


works as i expected. easy to pop in and go. not running insanely hot, but have yet to truly test it.

CPU Cooler

great looking. quiet. keeps cpu at 27-28 degrees at idle. nice included fan hub. easy tool less application. overall very satisfied EDIT: after like 8 monthsit decided to completely fail and pour juice all over my graphics card. card still seems to work but i haven't been able to test that since i cant run the thing. would not buy again. looking into an nzxt kraken. any better cooler suggestions that match the red and black theme? EDIT EDIT: got a thermaltake water 3.0 riing rgb 240. works well. leak did kill my graphics card. shorted about a week after the leak.


looks absolutely amazing in person. no real way to describe it. strong mount points and lots of extra features.


its ram. fast ram, but really just ram. LEDs look really cool though, and pulse nicely. goes well with coolers pulse and putting the graphics cards LEDs on pulsing.


super cool looking in person. wish it wasn't hidden in this computer case, but absoluteley fast boot speeds and easy installation.

Video Card

amazingly fast. easy to install and beautiful. runs everything i wanted easily (which is just really war thunder on movie graphics and 4k) and doesnt get hot at all. exited to attempt overclocking, but i have lots of research to do before that happens.


really loved this case. tons of room to work in, which made it really easy to install my 240mm radiator once i oriented it the right way, and the fan controller and hub is a must have for me, so really satisfied me. the tool less screws where pretty hard to take out the first time around, but had no other issues with them. the SSD bracket was also very useful and the tool less hard drive install trays where no problem. only minor annoyance is that the front power indicator LED is white, but i'm gonna change that.

Power Supply

modular cables had lots of unnecessary plugs for me, but other than the extra bulk, it was easy to install, decently small and quiet, and had nice modular options.

Optical Drive

popped in. works. nothing crazy. looks weird in my case. pretty sure i have to adjust it. EDIT: did adjust it. perfect now. just a disc drive

Operating System

product activation key was stupidly hard to find and small. check your stickers if you get the disc.

Wireless Network Adapter

dont think its actually working yet, as the motherboard has built in wifi, but im gonna play with it a bit. might change this review.

Case Fan

not amazing. red LEDs kinda sucked. just there to move air though and they do a good job of that, so no huge complaints.

Case Fan

rings look good. push some air. decently quiet, but come with special quiet cables that reduce rpm and noise if you want it. made quieter by turning cases fan controller down for me.


only bought it for the keyboard. it was the only one in stock. keys arent terrible and the red LED isn't bad. EDIT: keys suck. just dont unless you cant do anything else.


great mouse. program to use LED lights and adjust DPI was easy to get and use. very comfortable in my hand.


bought it in red. really light and pretty comfy. nice mic and adjustability. would like it if the plugs where actually labeled for which was mic and which was headphones, but easily found out myself.


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what is ur idle GPU temp while fans don't spin ??

and is ur country cold or hot?

  • 30 months ago
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idle temp is about 36 degrees, with the msi gaming app in OC mode, and im in canada during the winter, so really cold. still haven't gotten my GPU over 65 degrees cause those fans cool it fast.

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Nice build :) Upvote for you

Just 1 question, about the monitor. I have intention on buying the same one but i'm going with a Nvidia GPU. The question is: Is the monitor really good? Does it screen tearing on your gameplay or not? Does the monitor keep up the good work?

  • 30 months ago
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it is absolutely a good monitor. played quite a bit on it now, and I've only had good experiences. the adjustment abilities for height and angle are amazing, and I've had no complaints so far. i was running msi stress tests with kombustor and the only thing that is notable is the response time being slower than some other screens, but it was still only around 2ms, so i'm perfectly content.

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Excellent ^_^ Great build and have fun with it :)

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dont like how the cpu fan cable is sitting on your mobo like that XD just a personal thing