This system is used for gaming and net surfing. This was my first custom PC build. I researched every day on parts and how to build for over six months until I could build the system in my head. There wasn't a set budget. I see something I want and save up for it. It took months slowly getting each part.

Building it was quick and mostly simple. The Hyper 212 was a bit of a pain at times. I worried about damaging the motherboard trying to install that cooler. I wish I had a Cryorig. The next build will. They look simple to install. The extra MegaFlow was going to be installed at the top of the case. I ended up leaving it in the closet for about a year until the included side panel fan started giving me trouble. Finally the extra MegaFlow/LED was installed on the side panel. I should of done that much sooner. The LED is so nice. It made a big difference in how the system looks. The motherboard had to be removed and reinstalled because it wasn't in the I/O shield quite right. This little piece of metal was in the way.

The VG248QE is pretty nice. It immediately made me better at games like Call of Duty. I almost never see screen tearing and the mouse is more responsive than ever. Everything is smoother. Asus seems to have quality control issues. I have had dead pixel issues. Maybe BenQ would of been the better choice.

The Logitech G502 Proteus Core is very nice. It also upped my game. The accuracy is amazing. I achieved nuclear and unstoppable in COD:BOII the same day I got this mouse.

The SeaSonic 750W Platinum is a very very high quality unit. It is white and doesn't really go with the build. It was chosen for being the newest SeaSonic Platinum unit at the time of purchase and not on looks. The RAM doesn't match either. I originally wanted the Asus Maximus VI Hero and settled on this cheaper MSI to build quicker. The RAM was purchased before the motherboard. I will keep colors matched better in the future.

Gigabyte was cheaper than the other options when looking for a 980 Ti. This card is beast. Nothing slows it down! It is cool and quiet. I just wish it had an LED like the G1 model has.

The WD Black was a noisy drive at first. It became more silent over time and performs well for a mechanical HDD. This was an upgrade from a WD 5400 Green drive that was slow.

The MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate has been a great value motherboard. It performs very well. I do wish I went with a higher quality board even though this one keeps me happy.

The Hyper 212 is quiet and keeps things cool. The included fan is on the cheap side, but has been working well for over a year. I added a second fan the Blade Master 120. It also is quiet and working like a champ.

The 4670K is not overclocked. It's so fast that it isn't necessary. Gaming is bliss with this CPU paired with the 980 Ti. My next build will have an i7 and 16GB RAM just because I want it and not because it's needed. This system plays every game on ultra with ease.

I would pick a different case from Corsair in the future. The HAF X is a great case for the most part. It has one seriously annoying problem. I can't screw my GPU to the case. The holes don't align to do it. The GPU is just sitting on the next screw down. After researching it seems this is a common issue.

The funny part about building this was when I tried to turn it on for the first time. I pushed the power button and nothing happened. The big fear came true. I freaked out for a half hour and realized the PSU switch was off. The system turned on and booted without issue. Make sure the switch is set to on! ha ha


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Wow keep that baby clean,OMG the dust in that thing .My case is 6 years old and not even that damn dirty omg .

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