I started this build all the way back in august 2019, when my dad got me my PSU. By then I started getting my parts one by one Until the 25th where I had everything except the WiFi adapter. I use it for some "light" gaming (I play R6, BF4, WD, and Huniepop) R6 runs at 60FPS on medium high 1080p without OC, and WD runs ~50-60 FPS on 1080p high all without having high temps. I haven't done any load testing or other games. Going from a Lenovo Ideapad 330S which runs 20-30FPS on minimum lowest resolution. Last picture is my previous setup that I ran for a while. Also, first ever build and everything runs really well out of the box for my horribly low standards.

The externals are Keyboard: Razer Ornata Chroma - 82 off amazon (Christmas 2019 sale) Mouse: Logitech G502 (The original from like 2016) - 79.99 at the source (Christmas 2016 sale) Headset: Logitech G432 - 79.99 at Canada Computers Monitor: HP w22007h - About this monitor, this is my dad's old working monitor he used. so this thing is easily 5-10 years old. It has no dead pixels from what I can tell, and runs really well for a 1080p 60Hz monitor. (Price: ???)

Prices (All in CAD w/ out tax or shipping): CPU - 189.99 (Memory Express) - Mobo - 139.99 ( - RAM - 59.99 (Memory Express) - SSD - 67.80 ( - Case - 89.99 ( - WiFi adapter ~ 14.89 ( - Shipping ~ 15.98 (6.99 for the SSD on newegg, and 8.99 for the RAM and Mobo on memory express) - Subtotal - 578.80 - Total (w/ tax @ 13%) - 654.04

My ideas for some upgrades are (in order): Get a 1 or 2 TB HDD - A 140mm case fan - GPU - 1650S or a used 570/580 4GB - RAM - another 2x4 kit or maybe some trident Z (if the price goes down) - CPU cooler - I was looking at an AIO pump, but I don't really know which is better, air or water. Can you guys please help me figure out an option?

Thanks for reading my little essay. I've been wanting to build since like 2017-2018 but never really had the money. Finally got it done and it feels SO good. Cable management was a lot harder then I thought it would be, took me about 40-50 mins to manage, cause i'm an idot.

Part Reviews


A very nice CPU that is way better then what I was used to! (i5 8250U) The iGPU is fantastic and easily the best iGPU on the market and only 30 CAD over the 2600! (On sale) Great price to performance.


I dont have too much to say, although the LED connector is under the RGB part of the motherboard and I learnt that after everything was in. Other then that, the board is quite feature rich. The board only has 12V RGB headers though, if that matters to you


Good stable 3200Mhz RAM that only requires the XMP enable then it runs at 3200Mhz!


Boots to windows in literally 3-5 secs. Blazing fast as a boot drive.


Good airflow, Great cable management space, and comes with 2 fans. I cant get the LED working because of my Mobo but I bet it looks really good. Tempered glass is amazing at this price point. Edit - Im a fuccin idot and didnt realise the LED was SATA powered works great

Power Supply

I would take any semi modular over a modular any day of any month. The only 2 wires that are pre-inserted are the 24pin eATX cable and the 8pin CPU power cable, which are also braided.

Wireless Network Adapter

Used to run well for a 15$ adapter but now it cant stay at the same ping in seige and ping jumps constantly

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  • 4 months ago
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Great build, you could add an GTX 1660 Super or a RX 580. I know youre on a budget but if you get one of those video cards you can play most games at max on 1080p 60+ FPS.

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

I am leaning towards the 1660S instead of the 580 b/c the 580 is more then the 1650S and the 1650S put preforms the 580. Thanks for the recommendation!

  • 4 months ago
  • 1 point

Yea, but some people only buy AMD no matter what, which is why I said RX 580.