Well I decided it was time to upgrade the ol FM1 AMD office PC so now I have you a Intel Pentium Office PC!

Case: This was actually a case I was using before, so I finally got some use out of it again! Love the case and even with the lack of USB 3.0 front panel (which is fine, since the MB doesn't support it.) it works out great.

RAM: It's just 8GB 1333mhz ram that came from an old HP computer, I'll upgrade this down the line to a good 1600mhz solution.

CPU: I was going back and forth on this because I almost pulled the trigger on the G3258, but decided to save a few bucks now since I intend to drop an i5 in this down the line. The G3220 is working flawless and boots extremely fast and seems to handle what I need to do. No complaints here.

MB: I didn't need a full size MB so this MSI one worked perfect. Needed a PCI 16x slot for the GFX card and a x1 slot for the wifi card. This card worked beautifully.

PSU: An old PSU I have lying around, works great, I dont need all 500 watts so this is plenty.

GPU: I selected this because it was cheap, I didn't need another high end graphics card, just something to handle 1080p light gaming. Though when I tried to get in on BF4 in low settings, I decided I needed to step up so the 750ti will be replaced with a GTX 960. Otherwise the 750ti is a great card. No complaints from me here on it.

Drives: SSD and HDD are old drives not getting any use, so I stuck them in here and it's a great fit! SSD is great for the OS booting and I have no complaints!

That's really it. The important stuff I hope I explained good enough. This wasn't meant to be an elite gaming rig, only light gaming and office work.

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  • 61 months ago
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The case is a bit too big for a htpc

  • 61 months ago
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It definitely is. Im going to be getting the Cooler Master N200 and changing out the motherboard with a ASrock H97M Anniversary7. This case was just what I had laying around but I'm definitely going to get a case that suits the motherboard.

  • 61 months ago
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The 750 ti is definitely not for little gaming. It super clocked, it for medium-extreme gaming!

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