This is my first build, I have had several other off the shelf computers and I wanted something better. I currently use it for gaming and will be used for streaming movies to the t.v. as well. After watching lots of videos online I was pretty confident in my skills to get the job done. I built it out of the case first and was elated when the bios popped up on the screen during the test boot. After settling down a little I got to the job at hand and put in the case and installed the water cooler on the cpu. I remember someone saying in one of the videos to leave the side off the case for the first boot, otherwise it wouldn't boot. I did not head this advice since I wanted the fan on the side hooked up and put the side on. After pushing the power button...nothing. Thinking that I had simply put the power button on the wrong pins, I took the side off and looked at my manual everything was right. I took it off the pins and tried to jump it...nothing again. I was now pretty scared that I had broken something when I was installing it in to the case or had an extra offset on the case that was shorting something out. After several more attempts, I was pretty disheartened and decided to take everything back out and build it out of the case again. Got it all out and hooked it back up to nothing. Now I was sure I had broken something. After looking around online on how to test my power supply and motherboard, I found a fancy tester for my power supply that was supplied from EVGA. Hooked it up and the power supply was good. So I had power, but no power to my board. By this time I was pretty frantic and trying to think of anything I could that I might have done wrong. I unplugged everything and went through the power supply cords making sure I had them all correct. When I unplugged the 24 pin from the power supply I noticed that it wasn't pushed in as far as it could have been. Pushed them all back in, this time with a little more force and success! So now I had to put it all back in the case... It was a learning experience that I will never forget, and am looking forward to my son getting a little older so that I can build him one. Right now he has inherited my ASUS ROG Laptop, which he loves. Sorry for the wall of text, just wanted to give my experience. Thanks!

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How's the OCing on this?

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Man that cooler's tubing looks close to that to fan. Nice parts. How do you like how quiet the Nepton 120 is? My son loves his new little pc. That cooler is so much quieter than the corsair h80 we used in his sister's build. Have fun with your machine.

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