I'm calling this build 'Wiz' in reference to the Wiz Khalifa song 'Black and Yellow' which was a completely accidental color scheme for the build, but I think it turned out wonderfully (well maybe black, yellow, gold, and nickel, but still I think they work nicely together). This scheme will be even more the case when I eventually put in a corsair H100i.

My first build ever. I completed it just the other day. I had a lot of fun putting all together. It is a rig mainly used for gaming. The two biggest difficulties were mounting the CPU cooler and the cable management (buttoning up the back of the case was difficult)!

Some considerations:

CPU: Works great. I'm still getting used to how quickly it processes things. I haven't tried overclocking yet. I'm still getting used to the new machine. I might try overclocking over spring break when I have some time to do it right!

Heatsink: Great value here as I'm sure everyone who has this thing can attest to. Again I might modify this review when I actually do an overclock of the thing. I might consider putting in the corsair H100i, because I don't like the look of the big silver block when I look through the window.

Motherboard: This might be my favorite part. I love the look of this board, which I know some might be turned off by. I feel like it really gives my rig a mature look. Moving onto the features, wireless tons of usb three ports, logical board layout, and I love the bios! Easily recommend this board to everyone!

Storage: The SSD boots windows and LoL in no time! I love how quickly I can launch spotify too. Great value for the price. The HDD did have some issues being recognized in Windows but once I partitioned it, it was all set!

Memory: Overkill and I know it, but it works great, matches the color scheme of the rig and I won't have to upgrade for a long time!

Video card: It might raise some eyebrows, but I think this card is great for the value. Maybe I should have gotten the 4gb version, but I don't plan on going multi-monitor and I plan on gaming at 1080p for a while (those higher res monitors are painfully expensive!) Also there is no way I could have afforded to put a 780 in no matter how much I would have liked to. But it doesn't matter! All my games have ran like a dream on ultra setting (Bioshock, League, Payday2, and Battlefield 4) at roughly 60 FPS. Couldn't ask for more considering I was gaming on a macbook pro (what a step up!)

Case: I love the look of this case from the design to the paint job. Again the paint adds to the more mature look of the rig. The toolless trays, ventilation, installed fans, fan control, and usb 3.0 ports are wonderful. The only complaint I have is that the rubber grommets popped out very easily when I ran cable through them. Also a few more cable management options would have been nice!

Power Supply: I can hear a slight whirling noise when the fan intake activates so this supply is a bit on the noisier side. The wattage will be nice in case I want to SLI. I will say I learned my lesson and will get a modular power supply in the future as cable management was a pain with this beast. I did the best I could.

Monitor: This gets two stars because of Asus's warranty program. After a week of use I noticed a 'dark' spot and apparently in order for them to honor the warranty the monitor needs to have more than five dark spots! What a bogus deal. Otherwise it's a great monitor. I will say the dark spot is barely noticeable while gaming or watching movies but it is noticeable while browsing the web. I think I will hold out for g-sync enabled monitors or maybe even for the highger res monitors to come down in price.


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Tbh well chosen components. All enthusiast grade for a price cheaper than most enthusiast builds. Good choice on the 4670k, because for most people a 4770k is excessive and a pointless expense, yet they are compelled to buy it. +1