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by Flameytail


This is my first computer build. It is mostly a Overwatch and blender but I am using it for all of my school work. I got a LOT of discounts while building this and i payed around $1450. I get around 70 fps ultra settings on overwatch at 4k and great rendering in blender

This is my first computer that I have built and i built it because everybody in my class keeps talking about how their computer that they built is so great. honestly i had no idea that you could build a computer around august 2017. one morning(while my friends were talking about ARK) it dawned on me(heheh get it). I could build a computer. well honestly I couldn’t I had no idea how to build a computer no money and I can’t get a real job. I probably spent 12 hours watching every single pc building video out there for beginners. Someone mentioned Pcpartpicker. I made a list and saved up every penny I could. on the 25th of december I built my computer. everything went fine and i powered my computer on for the first time for a out-of-the-case test boot. the lights on my motherboard came on but the lights on ram or my graphics card didn’t. I got my motherboard of ebay for $50 off so at first I thought it was broken. then i realized that my power switch on my case wasn’t plugged in and I connected it and it booted fine. Building a computer was really fun and I hope to build again soon!!!

I'm trying to get a Kraken X52 soon for MUCH better cooling

Part Reviews


Great. Very fast and gets very hot when OC'd

CPU Cooler

Works great, pretty loud under load and rather a pain to put on. It is also a $30 cooler so the cooling is not so great. all four of my cores hit 98 during a stress test


Very RGB and works very well with my GPU. The I/O shield was very easy to put in. I dont like however that even when your computer is completely powered off the RGB on the back I/O plate still glows.


VERY VERY fast. Downloaded windows 10 pro in less than 10 minutes. Downloading drivers and games was a breeze

Video Card

Looks great works amazingly. It unfortonatly always boots to breathing ROG red before it syncs to the colors I chose


Super easy to build in and cable manage but if using the H7, DO NOT mount your motherboard and cooler into the case before you connect the 6 pin CPU power connector because I rasped off my hands on the heat sink trying to put that cabe in

Power Supply

It works very well but the cables are a bit short and there the 8 pin cable PCI-e was a 6 + 2 pin cable and there was double 6 + 2 headers so it looks pretty cluttery in my case


It is a decent monitor. it works. having a curved monitor is great. it’s a 1080p 60hz non-gsync or ips monitor. Another thing that is terrible is customer service. my monitor arrived completely broken and cracked on one side. i filled out a long survey asking about what happened then the customer service people bounced me around departments and said they couldn’t fix my broken monitor. then i said it was a damaged monitor. then they immediately said they could fix it and I sent in my broken monitor and they fixed it and shipped it to me with 2 day shipping. it took 2 weeks to get to my house. would not recommend at the normal $190 price. I got it for $130


works amazingly. I got it for $75 for a price match at fryes and I love it. the only thing I don’t particularly like is it is the little brother of the V2 and it doesn’t have a white backplate to make the LEDs brighter have macro keys usb passthroughs or a wrist rest which I would really like to have. The keyboard is so much of alittle brother of the BW V2 it doesnt even come with the classic razer stickers


Looks great but sucked all the oil out of our table and smells like burnt rubber


Great, but a little aqward because it forces you into a palm grip(which is good for your hands and wrists because it staves of carpal tunnel syndrome) the rgb is nice but i would like some more strips like on the basalisk the mamba or the lancehead

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Fr0thefr0zen 0 points 13 months ago

Your playing overwatch on this seems kinda a waste of great hardware but nice build though. To each his own I guess have a great time.

Flameytail submitter 1 Build 1 point 13 months ago

eh i’m also using pretty intensive rendering softwares like blender and houdini. i got the cpu for only $175 with the crazy intel discount and i got the motherboard on ebay for only $150 so eh

Fr0thefr0zen 1 point 13 months ago

Nice :)