Wanted to upgrade her 6 core AMD. She is a gamer just like me and looked to get her a nice computer to play her games on as well.

Case got replaced due to the Thermaltake not being able to fit the liquid cooling inside. They gave me the case for the same price as the thermaltake. So basically paid $48 for this case normally $70. Cooler, i like corsair, i myself have a H60 this 1 was about same price so went with the better 1. CPU+Motherboard was about 240 (238 i think, more expensive if not bought together). Memory we went for 8 instead of 16 due to the total price of our rig. Same with the SSD 120GB instead of 256GB.

Bought it all at Microcenter for below mentioned prices. Windows 7 for 90 bucks due to a price match from Walmart.

Would love to see some ratings, will upload pictures once i have 1.


  • 72 months ago
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Great build! The mobo and CPU will keep her gaming for a long time. Really the only thing I could say about this build is later get a graphics card that will do SLI/Crossfire since her mobo is optimized for it. The graphics card that's currently in it will definitely do the job for now.

  • 66 months ago
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Nice! Where is the second fan on the h80i? is it on top of the case? Any reason why?

  • 61 months ago
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yes it is, space problem.