Just graduated college and wanted to create my own build. I just started reading about parts and hardware and after 2 weeks of reading, and help from a buddy of mine, I came down with this.

CPU: I wanted something that I could have for a long time and that was powerful. I felt like a 4670k at that price was a great fit. I was looking for the 3570k at first, but I figured for almost the same price, I'd rather have the 4670k.

CPU Cooler: It was cheap and I felt like it was very well reviewed everywhere I looked, pretty much a no brainer.

Motherboard: I have $40 off on it because I bought the CPU at Microcenter. I thought it was a great deal and I liked the features, also I did not think taking the Extreme6 was worth it.

Memory: I think it was a good deal. Probably one of the cheapest 1866 you'll see this month.

Storage: I did not buy the SSD yet. I am waiting a good deal coming soon.

GPU: R9 270 I thought it was a good card for the price. and i got 2 games with it too.

Case: Pretty good reviews, i did not assemble it yet, we'll see.

PSU: Was 84.99 + a mail in rebate (20 bucks). Good deal for a 750M, it will certainly give me room to upgrade.

The cable management was quite a pain. I think I did a decent job for the first time. Definitely not perfect tho. Sorry for the bad image quality, I actually think it is better than it looks on pictures.

Please tell me what you think! Hope to hear from you guys.


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