This was built on the 28th of December once I got back from holiday - Sorry for the late upload!

CPU - Went for this over my original choice of the 6300 based on the higher performance, and although it costs around £40 more, I could justify it for the performance (Especially Overclocking - Had a near stable 4.5, but couldn't deal with the idle temps being around 39ºC).

Cooler - Chosen because I wanted to get into some over clocking. May be replaced at some point by one of the Corsair dual 140 setups, but as of now, it is adequate for the price.

Motherboard - Cheap as chips for the spec and an Asus board, too! Had a slight issue with the MemOK! system, but nothing that swapping modules over couldn't fix! The direct key BIOS is very helpful, especially when hooked up to a spare reset switch I had lying around.

Memory - Originally had some Samsung 8GB (2 x 4) DDR3 1333MHz, but was DOA. Sent it back and got a credit as an apology and upgraded to the G-Skill.

Sandisk SSD - Great read/write speeds, was on special down to £104.99 on Amazon and found a £5.00 off code. Very pleased with it so far!

WD Caviar Blue - Great little drive, can't really fault WD on this one or any previous. Only went for a 500 as I have a home server with SMB shares running around 5TB, so everything is networked!

Graphics - Originally wanted to go for the XFX 7950 3GB, but a couple days before I was going to order it, it jumped up in price by around £50 and the shipping on it was pushed back to around 3 - 5 weeks. I'm not up for waiting that long, so I picked up a 7870 GHz and will be looking at Crossfiring another very soon.

Case - During the build, it was a little awkward for cable management and I thought that I may have a duff case as it was particularly awkward to get the sides closed. Turns out that actually, it's designed to be lined up at the bottom, but not entirely so at the top (It sits further in - will update, along with the cable management, when I'm back upstairs).

Case Fans - Had heard some pretty bad things about the airflow with the stock fans (turns out they're noisy as hell, too.). CM fans are pretty good, anyway, and for a fiver, they were definitely worth it.

PSU - Hard to fault Corsair's PSUs, really (or any of their stuff for that matter!). The fact that the cables are flat and fully modular just makes working with it in your system a dream. Has 0RPM modes for below 40%(?) usage and is pretty damned silent any other time!

CD/DVD writer - I know that everybody will be on my case about actually having one of these things anymore, but given my ownership of a media server, I require the ability to rip movies and shows from discs in order to keep my content up to date. Great transfer rate, quiet and efficient.

OS - 7 Pro, because I absolutely cannot hack it with 8, at all. Listed as free because I got a license from my College in exchange for a few IT bits and entering the BIO.

Monitor - Got it on the daily deals on eBuyer for £80. Should really have picked up two, but I'm planning to crossfire another 7870 and pick up another two monitors at some point.

Fan controller - Picked one up as the board didn't have enough headers to take advantage of the case's 7 fan ability (5, in reality as the PSU covers the space for the bottom mounted one, and one is taken up at the moment by the radiator for my CPU cooler). Great bit of kit and barely noticeable if you turn off the ungodly beep it makes as standard.

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  • 73 months ago
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Your username..

hue +1

  • 73 months ago
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How is the 7870 treating you? I am getting one.

  • 73 months ago
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Really well, man. Solid 60fps with everything on ultra. Tomb Raider (2013) requires that a few things be turned down, or you get 45, but otherwise, it's glorious. Running another Dell 17" on the side with HD movie editing and rendering and it's having no issues whatsoever!

  • 72 months ago
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How is the case??

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