My first build, and I must say the aesthetics are very important to me. Ricer because of old and **** parts. I also have a cheap red led strip bought from Amazon. I also planned to upgrade components without having to touch the peripherals and the sadly discontinued S340 Elite. Something I found useful is the huge airflow, due to how small my build inside is.

Part Reviews


Not bad. I expected a bit more upgrade in term of processing power with the 1200, but it does the job good enough. Overclocking is great with the stock cooler, with average temps and good CPU clock.

Thermal Compound

Good thermal paste with good temps.


Nice features, works well. The BIOS is not as pleasing as the Tomahawk or other mobo's, but I don't overclock much, does the trick. I would have liked leds tho hehe.


Nothing to say, works aight.


Nothing to say, works aight.

Video Card

Does the job on most competitive games I play, bad for AAA titles or demanding games. Worth the price I bought it.


Very good case. Good cable management features, very good looking, good airflow = good temps on CPU.

Power Supply

Works like a charm, but there is little weird sounds coming from it, not loud enough to hear it in idle.

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  • 1 month ago
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Nice affordable build. Congratulations! It's amazing what that little CPU can do. Eh? It would perform better if you booted off an SSD. There are several 240GB options starting under $30.

  • 1 month ago
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Yeah, I didn't think much about SSD's as I keep my PC open most of the time, and I bought the HDD when SSD prices were up too.