Why splash out ridiculous amounts of money when for around £570 you can have a pretty decent PC, capable of playing all games out their, obviously at varying degrees of Quality. But pretty much gives you more power than either of the Next Gen Consoles along with more than adequate performing general PC. Obviously you don't all need to splash out almost £50 on extra Fans, stock fans would do

Whether it be games, Video, Music, Photo this can keep up with all. Plus the added advantage is you can always ramp up the performance with a few tweaks of some settings.

Silent, Cool, Not OTT and stylish, with all parts well suited. You will easily get a few years out this this machine will minimal outlay in future. You still have CPU, Ram and Storage Upgrades, obviously its only 970 Chipset so no Dual 8x Lanes for dual graphics but at this price why consider it.


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nice build m8 +1

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oh man a live why did you get 1333 memory itc cheaper to get 1600 + from amazon for same brand everything , i agree with you you dont need a 1k gaming rig for any game single monitor gtx 760 with be amazing i know i have one playing all games maxed out on me 24" tft , seriously though swap the memory you will throttle this machine with that stuff