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Coffee Lake Build

by mau5Entropy



Date Published

Dec. 6, 2017

Date Built

Dec. 4, 2017

CPU Clock Rate

3.6 GHz

CPU Temperature While Idle

23.0° C

CPU Temperature Under Load

50.0° C


I mainly use this computer for content creation, but I will do a bit of gaming if I decide to get a graphics card.

Part Reviews


Very good chip for the price, slightly outperforming the Ryzen 3 1200. Stays very cool even with its stock cooler idling at 23 degrees, hitting a max of 50 degrees under an AIDA 64 stress test. Scored a 604 cb on a Cinebench run, overall very happy with this purchase. Will do some gaming if I decide to purchase a graphics card.


Very well balanced board with a good set of features. Includes an SLI HB bridge inside the box if you decide to do SLI. The included RGB under the heatsink is a cool bonus. The only thing I can really complain about is the extremely thin IO shield. A decent board overall for the price.

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Luukmaker 2 points 11 months ago

Nice build but You should ad a 1050 ti

charm103 1 point 10 months ago

Any problems rendering, encoding etc.

ianbuen 1 point 1 month ago

For my first build, I am very excited to go for a build similar to this, especially with that i3-8100 which sounds very promising to me. The graphics card can wait as well.