First of all: I re-used most of the parts. New parts are - the case, the Motherboard, the PSU, the AIO cooler and the Noctua fans.

CPU I didn't plan to upgrade the CPU because I was on a small budget and therefore I just re-used the CPU.

CPU Cooler Yeah... what can I say? It's pretty tight. The fan needs to be under the radiator. I tried to mount the fan onto the side panel and then onto the radiator but there is NO way to fit the radiator in the case then. It MIGHT fit if the radiator would have 90° angle "fittings" but who knows.

Motherboard The motherboard fits nicely in the case but it can be a huge struggle to fit the PSU cables onto the motherboard. As you can see, I even used an extension for the 24-PIN connector. But that's most likely a negative aspect for the PSU and not really for the motherboard.

Memory Again, re-used. No need for an upgrade. Might going to upgrade to 32GB in my next build though.

Storage Re-used. The M.2 fits nicely onto the motherboard. The SSDs fit nicely in the case. It can be a bit of a struggle to fit the SATA and power cables onto the SSDs but it somehow will work out. I'd probably get some short SATA extension cables.

GPU (can't find the Red Dragon RX480 on pcpartpickers but I think it's about the same size as the Gigabyte version) The GPU fits really good in the case. There is no space issue with the Noctua fans. I managed to do a tiny bit of cable management for the GPU power cable. There is a small gap in the GPU holder where the cable fits nicely through.

Case Well, where do I begin? If you work with the case, I'd suggest to unscrew almost every part inside the case to get a nice overview of where each component goes. My biggest problem was the PSU and the AIO cooler. But other than that - it's a really good case for SFF builds! I even heard that you can fit bigger GPUs than mine in that case. I'm not entirely sure but I think there is space for 60mm fans at the bottom of the case (under the GPU). If I get some 60mm fans, I'll try to fit them there.

PSU First of all: if you want to build a SF PSU into the case, make sure to buy the ATX to SF bracket. You'll have slightly more room for the cables if you go with a SF PSU. The 24PIN cable might be hard to connect to the motherboard without having some slight troubles with the radiator.

Fans I used 3x Nocuta NF-A12x15 PWM fans. 1 for the radiator and 2 next to the GPU. They fit really nice and I haven't had any space issues with them.

Last words/Conclusion If you want to do a SFF build, I can really recommend this case! It would be a lot easier if an air cooler is used for the CPU but it's always fun to get a little challenge to fit an AIO.

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How did you manage to get the tubing on the AIO sorted? I’ve done my best to clear an area around the motherboard minus the CPU cable and 24 pin cable, but it’s bad enough that it interferes with my radiator fan, a slim fan. And tips or hints?