My core system (CPU, MOBO, RAM and PSU) is still alive and kicking since 2013. Several upgrades has been made through the years with the best one yet, the Noctua !! since i was with the stock one for 4 years :)

Also the case was a significant upgrade since i got rid my old, outdated and cheap case. Great airflow, great cable management and Amazing looks (that tempered dark glass, OMG) !!

With GTX 1060 6GB i didn't have any issue with any of the new games at 1080p 60fps.

SSD still has the same performance since 2016.

They only thing i kinda regret buying is the PSU due to its noise. The fan doesn't spin all the time, it only starts when it is under load and even then it spins only for a while, but the noise is significant. As you can see in the photos i have 2 Arctic fans in the front and 1 in the back plus the Noctua. All of these combined doesn't even come close under load to the noise of the Corsair.

When i am idle the PC is almost silent.

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