what i built in january.

had to trash my old ram sticks no good in this build. went for two 4GB sticks of DDR3 at first. have since doubled up on the ram and now running 4x4gb sticks of kingston hyperx fury cl10 1600 mhz ddr3. 8 gb barely cut it for gta 5, so i guess i just want to be a little more ready for the future, and what ever console ported unoptimized trash might have in store for me. barely enough ram clearance without having to raise the cooler to squeeze my last ram stick in there. that really would have boiled my carrot if i had to

everything else went down without a hitch.

beasts all my games at 1080p 60fps, which is great as i play on a 50 inch hdtv and thats all i care for right now anyways.

overclocked my cpu cores and found the sweet spot 4.5 ghz cores @ 1.225 vcore with some other minor tweaking and its ran completely cool and stable for me. im staying there. idling low 20s, peaking in the high 50s during long game sessions of witcher 3 but other than using intel burn test and prime 95 thats the highest ive been able to get it to on my watch

the strix 970 runs extremely cool and silent. boosted it to go over 1463 mhz in game with a 7700 mhz memory clock. silent. fans dont even kick on on its factory fan curve until it hits 60 degrees. idles at 32 degrees, on my fan curve the highest ive got it to in game is 65. it was either this or the r9 390. i would be happy with either.

psu is a little overkill, im happy with it though. completely silent, hybrid mode, never hear the fan kick on. does what its supposed to

network speed seems kind of low. i have it connected to my laptop for media streaming and extra storage and whatnot, and it only transfers at 11-12 MB/sec. i think its because my laptop has an older NIC. transferrring between local drives, reading/writing data seems normal. nothing special but no issues. windows 8.1 boots very fast on the ssd. not even considering the windows 10 "upgrade" at this point. have a 2 tb seagate external hooked up to my xbox one but might consider using down the road or purchasing another pretty soon, as my drives are quickly filling up with games and movies and whatnot. thrown an old junker in there too.

motherboard i might have overpaid a bit for too. its a decent board and gave me enough space and ram clearance for my cooler. gets the job done. only came with 2 sata cables though. decent vrms. idles at 29-30 degrees, northbridge at 14-15. under heavy load the highest ive got it to was 45c and 70 degrees on the northbridge. no complaints. no worries. also like having 2 different BIOS's in case one screws up i dont have to pull the battery and short the pins to reset it. also creating multiple profile switching is great as i can run stock speed for regular everyday use and switch to my OC with full speed and voltage, or my OC with my offset voltage and smartstepping/c state power saving modes as need be whenever i need the extra boost

really liking the value of the hyper 212 evo. thing is huge and a royal pain in the *** to install, but probably the best budget cooler ive ever seen.

case is nice. cable management wasnt that hard and i had extra holes built in and that was nice. lots of extra mounting slots for fans but im running cool enough even under overclock that i dont care for more. at least not until the summer weather arrives. maybe one to blow at the gpu but thats it. the power light indicators at the front are EXTREMELY bright and annoying. i have long sinced macguyvered a fix for this issue with a couple layers of masking tape. if only the rest of my build was this cheap in cost. only came with two 120mm fans though. 3 would have been more welcomed.

wishing i could turn off the led's on the sickleflows, as they are also rather bright. and without my laptop opened in front of me, this becomes a distraction depending on where i am sitting and what i am focusing on. its not bothersome enough to actually dig those things out of there or cut a wire or anything. also these things can be audible. not that loud, but definately noticeable when my televisions or some of my game consoles are not on or i dont have music or a game going in the background. they do a great job of exhausting the air out though for the price i paid.

my pvr is old and crap IMO but it does a pretty good job of recording my tv shows and the quality for that is good but anything re-encoded onto youtube looks like trash. im not a streamer or a youtube person though. as long as i can record and watch my shows in pretty much the same quality ill get from the box im happy. it does that. but barely.

really digging the mouse and keyboard. set up the led to display all kinds of temps and speeds and stuff through aida64, but its more of a distraction than anything. being able to lock the windows key is nice too as i usually play in full screen and they will freeze up or not load up again if i tab out. having lots of configurable on the go macro buttons and tonnes of mouse buttons is quite a convenience. mouse battery isnt so great. runs good wired too. works on my couch armrest even without a pad. feels nice and doesnt hurt my wrists. very fast and responsive. dont really have much else to say other than sometimes i might press the wrong side button, and it takes a bit more pressure to activate the right scroll wheel button than the left one. other than that theyre a great combo.

other than that theres really nothing else to say. it does what i want it to do and im happy with this build. i might have done a few things differently, but thats just an afterthought.


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How long did it take you?

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few hours id say at most. spent the bulk of my time trying to get this behemoth of a cooler properly mounted and seated in there. it wasnt quite the most user friendly air cooler by any means. cable management as well i spent a little bit of time just trying to tidy things up . but surprisingly id say i spent just as much time carefully trying to get everything out of the boxes and looking over everything to make sure i didnt **** anything up before i went to turn it on.

though a good month installing windows, tuning it up a little and tinkering around with everything and getting most of my games on stuff on there getting it the way i want it just dialing it in. now i dont have to deal with that i can just sit back and do my thing

though i probably spent a week or two 2 looking up parts and reviews and user feedback to make sure everything would work with each other and i would be able to fit it in my case and motherboard. i was going to wing it at first and just go for cheap. though now i shudder of the thought of even considering using a haswell cpu on an h81 bargain board special on a system i wanted to eventually do a bit of overclocking on, some cheapo case with a built in crapola brand power supply and other mishaps i could have made if i tried to cut the costs as hard as i could

the worst part of it was actually ordering the parts and waiting anxiously for them to arrive, but when my door started ringing like a god damn jehovas witness convention it was like christmas over here.

and once again i gotta bring up that 212 evo. that was the only thing that gave me grief. but for the price i paid for the cooler and the performance it gives, i really cant complain, it was worth it. i can pretty much say the same about the rest of the pc.

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Oh, can you check my part list if it is good please?

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Would love to but i cant see your link. you have to give me the proper url to your parts list.

go into your parts list....go to edit parts list. look on top left for the field that says permalink. and copy the url. it should look something like this:

which would be the list for my parts. yours will be slightly different.

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looks sick.

might want to consider adding on a cheap 7200 rpm hard drive just for extra space. or at least down the road. 500 GB is rather overkill for SSD unless you REALLY have a problem with shaving a few seconds off of your loading times in certain games and want to put handfuls of games on there. 250 gb of ssd is plenty for your OS, and a bunch of games you regularly play. but if you can afford it, the more the merrier. if youre a gamer, youre going to plow through those 500 gigs real fast and looking at that gpu, yeah. it doesnt look like youre putting this together for just video renderering so i would assume you are. get an additional drive for extra storage. youll run out fast otherwise if you play alot of games. an extra terabyte can go a long way, unless you run through games and just delete them all the time. the blu ray writer is nice to have on the side though at worst case scenarios if you dont mind the wait and you dont misplace your discs.

the full tower case is big enough to fit everything into and should be big enough to accomodate your rad and watercooling setup as well, and it might be a little too big, if youre not going to stick alot of drives and whatnot in there. to me a case is a case, but its gonna look sleek with the side window and some led fans. if you really wanna rice that out throw in some extra lighting for the insides. if youre into that kind of thing

it looks good, im not sure how many fans your tower comes with but ill assume 2, and i would throw 2 more extra cheap fans in there. when you overclock. or just to keep it really cool. not sure how many 4 pin fan ports you have on your board (for speed control), but if you could use 4 pin to molex adapters and have have have two intakes and your rear exhaust fan at full speed 24/7 through molex. then use the 2 coolers you bought at the top of the case as exhaust to help vent the air out, and use the 4 pins for those, as well as the fans for your radiator put in CPU_Fan1. thats just how i would do it though and everybody has their own tastes in airflow. of course if you have more fan headers on your motherboard, use those. though me personally id always have at least one intake and one exhaust on full power at all times. usually the quietest ones that i have. you shouldnt notice them anyways. the corsair ones i got with my corsair case are rather silent too and im running them at full and never had an issue with fan sound or anything

looks rock solid though. i wouldnt change it. the only thing i would do would be add a little to it. like the hard drive and a couple fans

if you want to shed a few dollars, you could buy an older windows 7 or 8.1 key off reddit for like $20. and then consider the windows 10 free upgrade if you really want that OS. also the PSU might be a little overkill unless you plan on overclocking and throwing another 980ti in SLI. if youre considering that, that psu should be fine. but you might want to look up on the quality of it. i hear mixed reviews about evga psu's, especially the cheaper ones being unstable. i dont think that should be a problem, just look around the net for feedback of that particular supernova model and see what others are saying. just be wary about that. however if you have no plans for SLI 980ti's anytime soon down the road a 750 watt psu would be more than enough for that build on its own and i wouldnt really consider anything more. i would even gladly recommend my own.

anyways it looks like a pretty sick build. i would love to have something like that anyways. all of that should work to my knowledge. i wouldnt really change much about it, just tweak and maybe add stuff to it as need be.

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neat! should run you for several years! the 4690K runs quite cool under the Hyper 212. In my Merge Mandate build, only stress testing does it go into the 60s. otherwise it hangs in the upper 55s during load.

now that Seagate... I'm I reading that right? is that 80GB? or 1080GB? xD

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80 gb!

i ripped it out of an older desktop i am throwing away. thats like the only thing worth salvaging from that dinosaur build

im networked through my laptop and figured id rather just put my music on one dedicated drive to stream or play from. it helped relieve a bit of space on the laptop, and holds all my tunes and some backup pictures and whatnot with maybe 10 gb to spare, but other than that 80 GB is pretty much useless today. it was badass when i got it though

and yup. stays under 60 when gaming. usually low-mid 50's and often tops at 58 running my most intense games for a while. amazing how a $35 cooler fairs off on a 4.5 ghz overclock. i was surprised i can get up that high. im not going to bother trying to push higher without using some kind of water loop. i dont need to anyways for all of my games right now anyways and i shouldnt have to for quite a while i would expect.

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that's awesome to hear! yea they are amazing coolers for their price. and most people do moderate OCs anyways so they are perfect. anyone looking for massive OC aren't looking in this price range anyways lol. +1 for you! :)

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