This is a joint father/son project. Junior saved up and built to a budget - Dad agreed to help out with the last $200 for straight As.

Able to get the cost down quite a bit due to Black Friday rebates/sales and a Microcenter not too far way.

*Intel I5-3570k - $169

*Asrock Z77 Extreme4 $65

*Corsair 8GB Ram $35 (used amazon pts so moreless free)

*Intel 330 180GB SSD $99

*XFX Radeon 7850 $149 (after MIR) w/free Far Cry

*Corsair Case 500R White $69 (after $30 MIR)

*Corsair PS $30 (after MIR) - not listed below but this is the 80 Plus Bronze v2.3.

*DVD $20

*Monitor $119 (after MIR)

*Wireless Keyboard/Mouse $31

*Windows 8 64bit $80 (paid in full using Amazon points)


Probably could have gotten a little better on GPU if we had a wee bit more patience, but this will do fine and the free game helped offset the sting.

May likely add an old fashiond HDD so that may push the cost up $50-$75, but really dig the SSD.

He'll use it mostly for some lower end gaming (Steam) but has room to grow in this for a bit. Describes his new rig as 'amazing." :)


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Dude more pictures! Come on! I won't downvote since the parts look decent but I won't upvote either since they're no more pictures to see the inside.