I used to have an Alienware alpha it was a great price and overall good first computer but I could only play most games on low so after a year it was time for an upgrade. So I found a motherboard cpu ram combo on eBay that was originally used for mining. After purchasing the combo I got the i5 to replace the pentium the combo came with. My friend sold me the case and another friend sold me the second ssd then I got the cooler on Craigslist’s. I had to get a few things online new but you really can get great deals if you look for used hardware

Part Reviews


All the performance you need for 90% of games

CPU Cooler

Super easy to install and very clean looking idk what my cpu peaks at but I’ve never worried about it becuase I know this cooler is plenty


Nothing special just a plain and affordable motherboard.


These were my second set of g.skill ram and it’s great works fine no problems. I think the ram looks very nice as well I took the silly stickers off and painted mine white but even the plain red they are still looks fine.


This was my second mx500 ssd the computer boots in a few seconds super fast I love them.

Video Card

My used card was a great value and very good looking. As far as performance most of the games I play I can now play at ultra setting on 2560x1080 I overclocked mine to 2080mhz but it’s still very quiet peaking at only 70 degrees.


Awesome case I love NZXT cases they are all affordable and very clean looking. It’s hard for me to gauge how easy the case was to build in since this was my first build I have nothing to compare it too but everything fit and worked like it should have I don’t see any reason to ever buy a different case.

Power Supply

Nothing really to comment on here just a plain non modular power supply that fit with my build and was cheap.

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  • 4 months ago
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how is this so cheap

  • 4 months ago
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This is how most things are eBay are prices. Buying parts new is overrated in my opinion.