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Project Obsidian - mini-ITX build for my freshman dorm

by BadAthMOFO


I am just gonna copy and paste my /r/buildapc post from reddit post here:

"Phew, I have dreamed of this day for a while, since freshman year of high school (four years ago) probably. The day that I would get to make this post and present my pride to the world. I have been saving money and planning for what seemed like an eternity and now that I am here, it feels so weird to have the privilege to listen to the clickity-clack of my first mechanical keyboard as I type out this sentence.

This is not my first rig or my first time building a computer, but I consider it my first REAL rig since my previous one was a bunch of old parts with an AMD A6 5400k thrown in.


For all you lurkers out there, believe that your glory day will come. May it be prosperous with joy."

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xomba 1 point 26 months ago

Nice; I hope it performs no less than to your expectations! What cpu cooler are you using? And what are the noise levels under load and when idle?

GalaxyFormulaa 1 point 22 months ago

He is probably using the stock that comes with the 6500

xomba 1 point 20 months ago

Hmm... looks like a hyper tx3