I wanted a new computer that wouldn't make my pockets explode so these parts fit perfectly in my budget. The parts all matched up and haven't cause me any trouble yet. The computer has past several stress tests and has been 'ON' nearly 24/7 since built. I also wanted a build that I could improve on in the near future. Such as ram, a better CPU, and possible a kicka** GPU. The Pentium for this build was solely for me to gain some experience on overclocking, which has been interesting and fun to do. I plan on overclocking some more when I get more ram. (4gbs seems to be bottle necking the overclock, or I think it is.)

If anyone reading this has any ideas on how to get a good OC, without going over 1.35v, I am down for suggestions.


After playing around with Pentium for a bit I decided to take it up a notch.

Newly added to the build: Intel i5 4690K - clocked at 4.5ghz, EVGA 600 watt PSU, another Hyper X 4gb stick of RAM, and 2 Cooler Master fans (80mm and 120mm)

Soon to come a better GPU !

I also worked on cable management even though it could be better. XD

Pictures and write up here:

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I got 4.3 GHz on my Pentium at 1.30 and at 1.40 volts I got 4.7 GHz... I think you should just try 1.35 volts. Also I was using a Corsair H105 on that Pentium so i'm not sure how good you can do with that cooler master cooler.

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A Z97 mobo leaves him room for upgrade, look at the title.

  • 64 months ago
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G3258 = OC to 4.5 ghz, = better than I3.