This was the first gaming pc I ever built. I regret my motherboard choice because while it is a good and cheap board, it is unsafe to overclock the fx 6300 with this board and it does not support any cpus over 95 watts. Other than that it's a great build. On the other hand, I am planning to get rid of the case, CPU, mobo, and GPU when the intel skylake processors come out.

EDIT 9/2/2015: Updated the build by replacing the NZXT Source 210 Elite with a Corsair air 240, replacing the power supply with a Corsair RM 750 watt, and adding some red LED fans. Love the new look, was really getting annoyed with the boring look of the old NZXT case. Also, I now have it partially set up for my eventual upgrade, which will probably be either skylake, kaby lake, or AMD's upcoming Zen performance cpu. Plus whatever new gpu's come out or possibly a 7970 or 280x so that I can add it to my other build for crossfire when I upgrade this one.

For anybody who is wondering: according to PCPartpicker the Gigabyte R9 270x is 297mm long and the Corsair air 240 only supports GPUs that are 290mm long. One of those numbers is wrong because mine fits with 2-3 inches to spair.

No longer have this one- sold it off.


  • 51 months ago
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I made a build that was almost the exact same ':) Nice build though!!!! I would've chosen a 6350 but really nice :)

  • 48 months ago
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When I originally built this I was just going for the cheapest I could get for performance, plus the mobo I used doesn't support the 6350 as it is 125 watt instead of 95.

  • 46 months ago
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How loud are the grey fans that came with the air 240? the ones in the front.

  • 41 months ago
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I don't think they're loud at all. Although its possible that the red ones could just be drowning the front ones out.