Well, I usually use this system for gaming and working. So far it works well, no problem at all.

Try to play Watch Dogs in High setting and it's still work smoothly.

Before I built this, I read all of people's experiences in this website as many as possible, try to combine them together, arrange the cost so it suit my tight budget and at last, it's finished.

I'm grateful that this kind of site is exist and for every people which experience I used to built my system. Thanks again for read this, every suggestions and critics are expected.

And by the way, I'm not using Plextor M3 Series, but M5 Series.

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  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

What was the rational behind the RAM?

  • 65 months ago
  • 1 point

Well, the rational behind the RAM is because of its price, the cheapest I can found at that time :)

  • 65 months ago
  • -1 points

So you got the ram because it was cheap? If so why did you spend $114 on a motherboard when you could have gotten one for maybe $80? You also went overboard with the PSU you only really needed maybe a 600W supply as getting a PSU that has a higher wattage output will cost more in the long run because it will produce more than you need. Also there is the GPU you could have gotten the cheaper MSI R9 280 which is more powerful for about $10 less.

  • 49 months ago
  • 1 point

Eh really? I couldn't found it at that time for $80 in my country :) I agree with the PSU, I used around 450w - 511w. More powerful GPU in term of raw power?