Before I continue: I built this in 2017 when zen+ and 2nd gen ryzen weren't even on the horizon.. I just never got around posting it here.

So my brother got his bachelors degree in industrial design a while back and works now as an assistant at a design school part time since he wants to get a second degree in engineering. As a present for his graduation I got him the CPU and my parents payed the rest of the components. The videocard and PSU were leftovers from my first PC. Maybe in the future I'll upgrade them for him to match the power of the 1700X. He mainly uses th PC for 3D stuff and renderings. The wifi extension card I installed just 2 months ago since he moved out and wants to use wifi at his new appartement. In the beginning the PC had weird issues where it froze up and crashed quite frequently. But the bios was up to date and I spent days trying to update drivers and finding solutions with no luck. Thats why for like 6 months he didn't use it much. But then I was determined again to fix the issue but somehow the issue fixed itself.. maybe it was a bad windows update or something.. He never had issues since then.

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