So a buddy asked me about getting some upgrades for his girls old HP WoW box rather than going for a whole new build and here's what we came up with.

The original HP ... ummm whateveritwas (I prolly shoulda wrote that down lol) something from their p6100 range anyway, had a phenom x4 820, 1.5tb 5400rpm wd green and a gt220, they'd already maxed out the ram to 8gig back when it was new (slow ddr3 iirc).

As he didn't wanna spend a whole lot we decided to forego the cpu/mobo/ram & instead concentrate on the gpu & data access weak points. Opted for a 750ti, mmmmmm shiny newness :D , to try and keep the power requirements under control but the original psu was just a fraction out of spec, and while it prolly woulda run ok he wanted to make doubly sure so that's when the seasonic g 450w came into the picture.


system speed test 4.78

hdd score 956.78 > 9447.3 random access time 20.92ms > 2.03ms

boot time ~2m 15s > 25s

OCCT dx10 gpu benchmark

~20fps > 130+fps

Sorry this build report is a little half-assed, I was so eager to do it that when I got my hands on it I totally forgot about what I'd need to write this, hence there's only one pic from after it's all in & I'd tried my best to do a nice wiring job (in a case with no routing cut-outs lol), ho-hum, hopefully I'll do better next time :D

All parts from Amazon as he had a gift card to burn though :D

Well they've had it a couple of days now & both seem very pleased with it, huzzah! :D

"The most rewarding part was when he gave me my money" :D (not really, I just always wanted to use that quote :D )

(v2 of this report cuz I closed the wrong freaking tab! lol)

edit. oh yeah, I did slightly alter the wiring for the 2 fans, didn't wanna have a couple of scraggly wires spoiling the aesthetics

edit. +3 weeks, when I saw him the other day he said they've been using it and how happy they are with it, huzzah! :-D


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The cable management (apart from the area around that rear fan, which you fixed) is very creative and tidy. This is a perfect threesome to upgrade an older pc.

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Thanks for the comment.

Yeah I was a little lucky that I managed to find some holes in that drive cage structure that were just big enough to jam the 24 pin/sata & front port cables through, woulda looked a whole lot fugly-ier otherwise.

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I've got a complete budget build for around $300, doesn't mean it was suitable for what my buddy wanted.

If I'd built your budget hackintosh for my buddy it woulda been no different from what he had to start with... worse actually, the celeron ranks below the x4 on passmark, as does the gt610 slightly below the gt220, speed difference between hdd vs ssd is not even a fair comparison tbh and the psu is of undetermined origin, probably of low quality & poor efficiency, so he woulda spent a bunch of money for no improvement, and that's not what he wanted to do...

I know your comment wasn't rude or anything, I just don't think it was very relevant, of course you can buy more components with what was spent on this upgrade but they, also of course, will be of lower performance & quality.

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"lol but you can't compare an upgrades with a build."

ummm... but you're the one who compared a build with an upgrade!

"i made an whole entire build out of that much"


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Please stop posting, your comments are nonsense.