(Sorry for the poor quality photos, used phone)

After a couple of years of adding and discarding parts to my original build, my computer became somewhat of a Frankenstein. Originally this computer held a am3 phenom II and a nvidia 9600gs. The only parts on this system that remain original now are the ram. This most recent upgrade, for which I am doing my first completed build post, is an upgrade of case, power supply, and storage.

The biggest problems I had with the previous build was that the storage was failing, and the power supply was not modular. I lost well over 1.5 terabytes of steam games, but at least i was able to upgrade to a 3tb drive.

Processor: I got this processor from microcenter for well under what newegg wanted and i love it. I have it clocked at 4.0 stable and its remains nice and chilly with the h100.

Motherboard: One of the very few z75 motherboards to be released. Its basically a z77 without a couple features while being slightly cheaper. While this motherboard is awesome i probably wouldn't have gone with it again if I had a choice. Probably would have sprung for the z77.

Ram: This ram is easily the oldest part in this system. A whole 5 years of use on this ram and it still remains stable and still feels quick.

Storage: Nothing fancy going on here. The SSD feels very fast and loads faster than my old Intel ssd. The storage drive is a just a basic western digital 3tb drive, which is replacing a failing 2tb western digital drive.

Graphics: The 670 is pretty powerful for what it is. I cant max out all games anymore, but this will probably be the next thing I upgrade.

Case: With this new build I also put in a new case. I went from a NZXT full tower phantom case to the Corsair 750d. I love this new case, it lets me hide the cables better than before (though there are less of them too) and looks so much nicer in my opinion.

Power supply: The most notable upgrade for me. Before the upgrade i had a 820 watt BFG power supply in here. It was a nightmare routing and hiding all the cables. Now with this fully modular Seasonic power supply I can actually hide and route cables with ease. Im considering sleeving all the cables, but that will be alot of time and effort, so im still on the fence. Its actually a fully modular power supply that can be had for cheap while still feeling like a quality power supply.

Monitors and speakers: I just went for the best/available parts I could get. I got 2 dell IPS monitors for 120 each on sale from a nearby BestBuy and got the genius speakers from amazon.

It took quiet awhile to route the cables and to make sure everything was plugged and properly spaced, but overall I feel the end result was worth it.

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  • 56 months ago
  • 2 points

+1 for the great build. Also how did you get those dell monitors on the Vesa mounts.

  • 56 months ago
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Theres a custom metal workshop that makes metal brackets for the monitors. If you search s2340m vesa mount youll probably find it. And thanks, took me a good while to route the cables