This was my first complete build. The entire process was exciting and things went fairly smooth thanks to the support and guidance from this community. I must have watched 50 -75 various build guide videos and looked through 100's of other poster builds before even considering picking out my own parts. It is amazing the amount of help that is available here.

I use this computer primarily as a plex media server as well as for content creation and some light gaming. I call it the red lizard because one night as I was screwing in one of the fans a lizard jumped out from behind the motherboard and then hid behind the optical drive. Took me 20 minutes using a combination of chopsticks and a hemostat to dig him out. I was truly worried that the moment I powered up this machine it would short out from lizard pee accumulation on a power line. Luckily that did not happen!

Originally I had planned to use a 6600k and 16gb of RAM. My wife however, decided to surprise me for Christmas and ended up ordering a 6700k and 32gb of RAM. I don't know how she got this confused. I had the parts printed out on a list at home, but she still managed to get them confused. I have learned to never complain or argue with the wife so I went with it.

I realize that a 750ti is immensely inappropriate for this build. Initially I was hung up between the R9 390 and 970 cards. Once I learned about Pascal and Polaris I changed my mind. I already own the 750 from a previous upgrade in another computer and I am willing to wait a few more months for the next generation of video cards to be released. So far the 750 is doing its job, however I have to scale back some settings on most of the games that I play. Hopefully my gamble will pay off.

Other than the video card, my only regret is that I did not go with a different cooler. Due to the size of the 212 EVO on my motherboard, I am unable to populate the DIMM 1 slot. Currently I have 3 sticks installed. Not sure if I should have even bothered to install the third stick. Interestingly, there was an issue initially with a non paged pool memory leak. After making some adjustments in the registry editor I was able to correct it however.

Future plans: 1) Definitely add new graphics card 2) Purchase more storage and set up RAID1 3) Possibly go to a water cooling system to free up space for the DIMM 1 slot

Thank you for reading and I would appreciate any feedback.


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