Finally got this computer finished! e.e I apologize for the photos as they were taken with my phone. It only took forever! An entire month because the mobo was defective and it took a long while for a new one to be sent back! AsRock handled it well but the time was an issue.

Anyways! I made this computer for budget gaming and to also to satisfy my recent addiction of blue. with some blue fans, ram with pulsing blue LEDs on the heatsink and a blue cathode (5.99) to eliminate the darkness of the fans not reaching the bottom.

CPU: Works wonders and had no problem overclocking to 4.5GHz. Only complaint is that it didn't come with a sticker?

CPU Cooler: Since overclocking would be a definite choice, I decided to get the "best" air cooler for the price, keeping my temps well below 35 on idle.

Motherboard: The motherboard came with a messed up fan controller at the top right of it causing my CPU fan and video card fans to stop spinning. I sent it in and got it back much later. It works great, allows overclocking easily. It's a bit cramped but what do you expect from a Micro? (Also chose this because it was a Z97 for a cheap price. Works fine no complaints except, just don't download Chrome from the Bios.

Memory: When I first bought this I didn't realize that it had blue pulsing lights. I was shocked when I first saw them, little bulbs sticking out. I looked them up and sure enough they were lights! I plugged them in and watched them pulsate for about 10 minutes just fascinated in its show, sadly I don't think there is a way to control how they light up. Works fine, keeping a cool temp of 29.

Storage: Both the SSD and HDD worked as they were supposed to. I wanted the SSD for the OS (Windows 7) and a couple of games I play the most for quick but unnecessary boot speed. The HDD is for everything else, I figured a TB would be enough.

Video Card: This thing works perfectly, just scared me a bit when I powered everything up. The fans didn't spin for about 3 second after turning on the computer and I just starred at it hoping I didn't get a DOA or have the fans not work from the other motherboard. I hope so hard for them to start spinning; Those three seconds lasted forever. Then bam! "We fooled ya!" They started spinning, those trolling jerks. It works and any games I have are all on ultra so far. Skyrim, Dota 2, Starcraft and much more are defaulting Ultra and I'll admit, I might of gotten too excited seeing all of this (especially coming from a laptop with extremely poor integrated graphics).

Case: The case listed is the one I have but it's a blue edition, which wasn't available on this but it's basically the same except for the grill in the front being blue instead of white. This case has a nice, big side panel with two different type of fan areas to put any if needed. Them being different produces a slightly tacky looking panel but it looks like it can be replaced if needed with the silver screws. I've noticed that the side panel on the top has a bit a chip, like something has scraped that specific part of it, and it's not only with this case either, on reviewing this case I've noticed most if not all of the cases have it. It isn't that noticeable but it can be unpleasing to others. Now the biggest problem with this case is not how it looks, it's the space behind the motherboard for tucking away those pesky wires. It's extremely small compared to other computer cases, squeezing in the 12 pin for the mobo left a bit of flexing on that side when the panel was put on, even with it being completely flat against the metal. It's so much of a pain and it left me with some cables having to come out and into the main part of it, creating some cable mayhem up above and to the right of the RAM.

Power Supply: Works as it's supposed to, giving me more than I need just in case. I knocked down a star because it's so hard to manage. I honestly thought it was modular when ordering but it was strictly my fault for not looking closely enough at them. Works fine and it doesn't look that bad with all the wires being tucked behind the bottom section for holding HDDs.

Wireless Network Adapter: I was a bit of a skeptic when first seeing this, believing it wouldn't take in the amount of WiFi it offered to, but when Windows started up and was looking for a network, it automatically had the WiFi available to sign on to. I later installed the software and made sure everything was up to date. Works great and hasn't had any drops (yet).

Case Fans: (Finally the last one!) These Apevia fans have beautiful bright LEDs to light up my case, they're simple and easy to install except for the fact that they can only being connected by molex cables. This was a problem because the case didn't have that much room so I tried my hardest to route them in and it worked, finally. But my downfall just had to occur. I accidentally cut a 2 fan wires as I was cutting out the cable ties, leaving me with just one fan to push out air, instead of adding two fans to the top, illuminating the entire mobo and graphics card. I was disappointed in myself for making a horrible mistake of not being careful enough. It wasn't that much of a loss because, well they're pretty cheap and that I used the stock case fan to pull in air from the front, creating good enough airflow for now. ANYWAYS! They work great with the fans being a little bit loud but nothing to throw a tantrum over.

Overall I'm happy with my case and I'll plan to get more fans to light up the computer some more and increase that airflow.

Thanks for looking at the build, comment all you want!

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