I built this computer to cover every use for a machine I will need. That is, video and audio production, 3d modeling, gaming and other workstation-necessary applications. The build proves worth the purchase, I had a few driver and power issues with the video card and unfortunately I have to RMA the USB-N53 Wireless Adapter. All of the parts I bought came from Newegg, other than the OS which is direct from Microsoft (I've started with 8.1 Enterprise until I purchase a copy of 8.1 Pro). The case was nice to build in, the CPU is beautifully fast, and the PSU came with plenty of manageable cables being a semi-modular construction.


  • 51 months ago
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How's the wireless adapter? I looking to get it but heard that the 5ghZ doesn't work with Win 10 (without downloading a separate driver)

  • 50 months ago
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The day I got it the thing stopped working. It seems to be a problem with the wireless adapter's on-board power management. It worked for about an hour. When I called, they wouldn't RMA it and said I needed to send it back to Newegg.

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How is the ram?

  • 48 months ago
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The G.Skill Snipers are excellent. I haven't had any problems with them. The difficulties I did run into arose when I had to assign the 2400Mhz clock speed to them in the BIOS. This Intel chipset in particular has a strange voltage cap that defaults the RAM at 1600 Mhz. After a little tweaking, I had no problems.