Had a lot of bad luck with this build. I built it to replace a slow AMD Sempron 145 PC I had built the year before. I already had 8GB RAM, a 120GB Kingston SSD (it was before they changed the NAND controller), Windows 7 (upgraded to W10). I wanted to game, and had to convince my dad PC gaming was way better than the Xbox One. My first batch of parts (FX6300 and ASUS M5A78L M USB 3) were faulty, and to replace it, I decided to move to an Intel Z97 platform, after having a bad experience with ASUS and AMD (don't even bother trying to contact them if you need technical support). The HDD was dead and was used, so I had to get it replaced. At the time I could only afford a Core i5 4460 and a H81 at the max, but I found a good deal on a Gigabyte Z97 D3H and a very good deal on a Core i5 (£120, when it was usually £149.99). Before, I was going to go Skylake with a 6100 but I didn't have any DDR4 RAM. I had problems with the PC, where occasionally it blue screens after sleep. Lesson learnt, don't bother with Sleep Mode. The SSD firmware most likely needs to be updated (as well as the BIOS) but I'm not prepared for the hassle of it. I originally sold the GPU, as I thought I had no need for it. The guy who bought it said it was dead, so we refunded him and I got a replaced 750 Ti. It makes an amazing gaming machine for the price. I mostly play Far Cry 3, TS 2016, and Minecraft. I also do coding with Python and video editing, as well as the usual web browsing, watching DVDs (yes I am old school I know) and listening to music with iTunes. The sound on this PC is very good. It's an amazing machine, and despite all the problem's I've had, I love it. The cable managment was mostly done by a shop, as it was my first time doing cable management.

The next upgrade will most likely be 16GB RAM (because why not) and if I can be asked an M.2 or 500GB SSD.

Part Reviews


Amazing value for money. Quite frankly one of the best CPUs there is, at least for the money. Nothing it cannot handle. 1080p-1440p gaming, video editing, you name it, its possible with the 4460.


Best bang for buck Z97 board, IMHO. You get 8 channel audio, 4 USB 3.0 ports, stellar audio quality, support for up to 32GB RAM, CrossFire support, and its "Ultra Durable" (I didn't get round to test it by attempting to bend it). Get it while you can, not many Z97s left now. If you can get it for £50, as some places are offering, its a steal.


I bought one because I used it to upgrade my previous PC, and it only had two slots. It looks good, but I will be upgrading to two pairs, most likely as a 16GB kit.


When I bought this in 2013 for my first PC, it was considered a respectable SSD, to bring the SSD experience to people who not afford SSDs. Nowadays they are very poor performing. This one is excellent though, as it was before Kingston changed the NAND controller to save money. My only regrets is that it is a bit small, but when I bought this in 2013, 250GB SSDs were very expensive (often £100 or over).


Cheap and reliable. I use it to store virtually everything, I like to keep my boot drive clean. Don't use this or any other HDD as your boot drive unless you cannot afford an SSD.

Video Card

Getting old, but still amazing for the price. I made the mistake of buying a GT610 for my first build, and was stuck with the 610 until I could afford this. For £95, the value is incredible. This ASUS version is slightly overclocked and it looks awesome.


Great case, just lacklustre cable management. I bought it because I wanted a side window, and a case of decent quality that had LEDs.

Power Supply

Like the hard drive, it's cheap and reliable. I like these things. If its okay with JohnnyGuru, its okay with me. If I had more money I would have invested in a G2 550W.

Optical Drive

Does the job. But it can be quite loud. Again, reused from my first build.

Operating System

I love Windows 10 even more than Windows 7, the original OS on the machine. Get it for free while you still can. I love how you don't even need to bother with drivers, it just gets them for you. It got my WiFi driver before I had even booted to the desktop in the install. It also got my video driver when I installed the 750 Ti.

Wireless Network Adapter

I have a TP Link router, so as you can imagine, it works flawlessly with this. Before I had a very problematic USB wifi adaptor from that famous brand you've never heard of before, Edimax. Only complaint is that it not AC.

Case Fan

My case came with a red fan, so PC World refunded me the money for new fans. They look great, but are a bit loud.


Decent keyboard, but the crappiest mouse ever. For the money, you can't complain though.


Just bought this the other day, because the mouse that came with the keyboard is the sh***tiest mouse in the world. This one looks good, and although it is designed for MOBA games, (I play FPS) it does the job well.


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Haha do you like it? It's made out of recycled motherboards.

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Rear fan is set to intake but should be exhaust.

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I did wonder that, although others have told me it is okay.

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I'd change it. You are trapping the hot air in the case.

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Yeah, how can you tell its the wrong way?

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The back of the fan should be facing the direction of airflow. Yours is blowing into the case.

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So the ugly bit should be facing the back, not the ugly bit facing the intake fan?