This is my first custom built computer. I did it 100% myself and am darn proud lol I use this mainly for gaming and every day computing. Thanks for looking at my pc!


  • 91 months ago
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Um I don't know how the price got so high? But its really good since you made it yourself!

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Yea everything totaled to be around 850 canadian so Im not sure about that lol but yea as far as the bottleneck goes the i3 performs better than i5s in most games because they're optimized for dual core cpus. But yea I went with the lga1155 socket so I can get a i5 or i7 ivy bridge down the road :) thanks for the responses guys!

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You may have a ''Bottleneck'' You Should got a i5 2500k and a 6850 instead of a i3 2120 and a 6950. But its still look like a good rig!

(Sorry for my bad english)