This build was primarily focused on looks and ease of upgrading. I wanted something great for 1080p high FPS gaming (higher than 60fps.) I wanted it to be easily upgrade-able to handle 1440p in the near future with the same high fps. So far I am getting a consistent 100 plus fps on most titles. Apex, Fortnite, Battlefield 1/5. Also over 220 fps on CS:GO.

My one mistake was the case. It was not all that great to build in. Almost no good spots for cable management and the back panel barely fit on with how many cables I had to squeeze behind the motherboard. I should have and recommend getting a full tower or at least a higher quality mid tower to fit these components into. Maybe one of the NZXT cases. Also the acrylic side panel is so ugly it kind of blurs the light that passes through and makes photos of it look terrible with the lights on. I'm hoping to buy a much higher quality case in the near future.

I hope to upgrade to a 2070 super within the next 2 years or if AMD releases cards with similar performance and better price I might go with an AMD card as an upgrade. Of course more ram is always and option and you don't really need anymore than 32gb for a gaming rig. 16gb is plenty. 32gb is just insurance ram haha. The power supply also wont need upgrading. It has plenty of power for most cards that you might upgrade to.

I worry the cpu might need an upgrade in the next 2 years as well, but AMD is so good at making budget performance I wasnt worried about it.

The memory is probably my favorite part. Windows boots in 10 seconds or less and downloading games with an ethernet connection is SO FAST. 100 percent look into getting a 1-2TB 970 M.2 in the future to hold more games as my collection grows.

Anyway, hopefully this inspires somebody to build a similar setup. Especially since it looks soooo good. haha.

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  • 3 months ago
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I'm pretty sure that PSU is overkill but dang that looks clean.

  • 3 months ago
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  1. Nice CPU but maybe in the future, change it to a nice one
  2. Maybe add more storage, cause 500 GB ain't much(try using HDD and SSD combo)
  3. maybe take the wattage on the psu down