I have had laptops all through my school years, and recently decided to look into building by own PC. A friend told me about PCpartpicker and I was hooked. If it wasn't for this website, I would have never known what to do. I wanted to spend about $1000 and be able to edit videos and play modern games at high settings. I had a difficult time deciding between AMD and Intel, but my friends convinced me to go AMD. I have had it for about a month and couldn't be happier.

The build went really smooth. The only real "hiccup" was installing the aftermarket CPU cooler. Not that it was difficult, I just had to watch a few YouTube videos to get the hang of it. Most everything else was just screw in or plug issues so far.

BF3 on High settings = 80-90 frames on Ultra = 45-60 frames

Having 8 GB of memory and this CPU has run my Pinnacle video software great. Installing it on the SSD :)))))))

Sorry the pictures may not be great, just had an iPhone to work with...Any questions and comments are welcome.

Thanks, Blake


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u need better cable management

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How does the RAM work with the mobo? nice build btw