This Was pretty much an upgrade to my old AMD FX-6300 Build. The GPU, PSU, SSD and HDDs were all reused to lower overall cost. I plan on upgrading the GPU once the price ( and stock)of the new RX-480 and GTX 1070 become more stable (and available).

Still not too sure on the name since the only thing that stands out is the GPU. I'll probably paint it eventually.

Prices listed are Prices paid for at the time of Purchase not including Shipping or Tax.

Part Reviews


Easily Overclocked this to 4.5GHz at 1.28v. Great Processor.

CPU Cooler

Allowed me to hit 4.5GHz on my 6700k and its barely audible.


Good board for the price range. I/O plate was a it finicky when putting in the board but other than that no problems.


Good budget SSD.

Video Card

Runs everything I throw at it at 60FPS. Runs hot compared to its competitors but good nonetheless.


Modern and Sleek design. LED control and adapter for additional LED strip. More than enough space for any moderate build.

Power Supply

Fully Modular. 80+ Gold. 650W. Great PSU.

Case Fan

PWM Fans at a good price. No gimmicky LEDs just performance.

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  • 37 months ago
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Lol how did you get that 6700k for 150...jesus christ...