Background: I budgeted out $1500.00 +/- for the build so as not to have to pay an attorney for a divorce. First time putting together a PC in 11 years. Loving how far everything has evolved over the years.... especially the cases. Thank you to everyone who helped me with part selections. :)

Note: I will post more pics after the GPU comes in and everything is in it's place. Also, I will be running a 3 monitor setup in case you were wondering why I went with the 4gb GPU option.

Purpose: Gaming, Family use.

Components (Wall of text +1):

Corsair H80i - I chose this over the Noctua air cooler for the price and aesthetics. I have yet to overclock it so I can't attest to the fans being "LOUD". I will provide an update after everything is in place.

Intel Core i7-4770k - Killer deal from Microcenter that I couldn't pass up. I might have gone another route if I wasn't able to snag both the board and CPU for under $360.

Gigabyte Board - Same as above. Tax Free weekend in Atlanta + Combo deal + Wrong Price from warehouse = $110 discount on the board.

Corsair Vengeance RAM: Matched my needs and the board. (I'm not working on cracking the human genome or a PIXAR film.

SSD: Faster boot up etc. Killer price........ There seems to be a reoccurring theme here.....

Case: Amazing to work with - Highly recommend. Coming from a traditional case to something with rubber grommets etc. was like moving from a Pento to a BMW.

ATX 860: Needed something in the 700-800 range that could support 2 video cards. (Also on sale.)

GPU (770): Will update as soon as I slap it in.

Again - Thanks to everyone who put up with my noob questions etc.


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Man... how in the WORLD were you lucky enough to get that board for $75??? Excellent find.