this was a continuation of an old build I had many years ago

The main point of this build At the time was video editing @1080P and rendering which is still holding strong today :)

Cpu- at the time this was on sale and it was the best thing I could afford for my budget

Motherboard- Just needed something reliable to put the components in nothing fancy.

Ram- At the time this was just enough to get by and now that DDR4 is mainstream its actually cheaper to get the DDR4 upgrade then add more of what I have.

GPU- originally I had a 750ti, yes I know that's terrible but it was better than nothing I managed to get a GTX 970 of a guy on Kijiji for 250 which is what I have today.

PSU- starting out I had a 550W Corsair then bought a 750M later down the road.

Storage- the P600 I got for 40 off a guy who somehow ordered the wrong one and didn't want it MSRP at that time was 250 so you can say I was happy! Also, a 1Tb HDD I had from 2011 still works today getting it replaced for a 2tb soon though

Case- I wanted something to show everything off guess you can say I got what I wanted lol 240 later...

Original Build Date -April 8th 2015

Part Reviews


Awesome! Premiere Pro works great with it !!

CPU Cooler

This is So much better then the stock cooler didn't want to go the route of an AIO so this is much easier!


Does it what I need it to!


Would love to have another 16gb kit but still great for gaming or editing!


So fast helps with loading times :D

Video Card

Much better then the 750ti i had and the cuda cores makes rendering so much easier


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Beautiful case and great cable management. I too have i7 4790, Asus gtx 970, and Gigabyte D3H- old but gold, +1 from me!