Built as a Christmas present for myself on 12/30/2015. Primarily used for SWTOR and Fallout 4. Ultra settings, no problem.

A few highlights: - Corsair Air 240 was an easy case to work with. Small, but dual chamber setup makes routing easy and a non-issue. - Asus Maximus Gene VIII is great. One click to OC +15% in BIOS...nothing else to think about. - Corsair H100i GTX is being used in a push/pull config with 2 in-take fans in the front of the radiator and two fans on the back of the radiator blowing through the component side of the case. A tight fit, but not too challenging.

Other notes: - Originally, I bought a MSI Golden Edition of the GTX 980 Ti, but at 5.5 inches tall off the motherboard, it wouldn't fit and allow the windowed panel to exchanged it at Microcenter for the EVGA FTW at 4.0 inches which fits fine. - As I was installing the USB 3.0 front panel connectors on the motherboard, I bent a pin on the motherboard connector and after trying to fix it with exacto blades, needle nose pliers, and mechanical pencils, it broke off. The fix I ended up using was to install a PCI 3.0 USB card (fits just under the GTX 980 Ti) which provides 4 USB ports in the back of the case and offers an internal connector for the front panel USB ports ( All are running fine so the broken pin on the motherboard's connector is a non-issue now. - Case lighting is with an RGB LED strip from Logisys...really though about pulling it out and going with a cold cathode for more full, ambient light, but sticking with the LEDs for now (you can see each LED as a separate light source with is so-so in my opinion).

Overall a simple build process and am very happy with the performance and look of the result.

Cheers, TXAG


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what gpu fan speed are you running at? I run my ftw at 50 max and it hovers around 78-80c, it gets quite loud above 60.. so i'm wondering if it's my thermal paste or just that people keep the fan at stock curve (which gets me at around 73-75c 100% load)