(More pictures to come)

Overview: A work in progress. Had $500 to start with and I hope to add/swap parts over time. Some parts are temporary, like the CPU. I eventually want a high-end i7, but can't afford it yet, so I bought a motherboard I wouldn't have to replace when I do get a better CPU. Currently no SSD because storage space was more important than boot speed. Still I hope to get an SSD down the road. I plan to use this PC for some gaming, some video editing, and lots of photo editing.

The name: No, my name is not Lucy. All my computers are named Lucy (tribute to the 1995 movie Hackers), with a last name that is the brand or model name. This uses an ASRock motherboard, therefore, Lucy Asrock.

Case: Good. Solid enough. A little plain looking, but I don't mind. No USB 3.0 ports in the front, but I plan on getting a memory card reader for the front. I'll just get one with some USB 3.0 ports too. The one fan it came with is nice and quiet. Space for six more fans if you want.

Motherboard: I might have gone with the Z97 Pro4 (full-sized ATX) over the Z97M (Micro ATX) version if I hadn't read about so many problems people had with that specific board. This one didn't seem to have any of those problems. So far, I'm pleased with it. Everything has worked on the first try. No SLI Crossfire support, but that's fine.

CPU: It's only temporary, but this thing is no slouch. Especially for the price. Plan to overclock it to 4.0GHz. Will update temperatures when I do. Stock cooler doing its job so far, and it's quiet.

RAM: Good. No problems. It's RAM and it works. As a plus, they match the motherboard really well. When I get more, I'll probably get the same kind.

GPU: Haven't had much time to play with it yet. But I can run Skyrim with all settings maxed, and the frame rate is great.

PSU: Good. It works. Non-modular, but that's alright. The case made it easy enough to hide the unneeded cords.

Storage: I feel like you should know what to expect. WD Black is a little better than the Blue, but it's no SSD. Like I wrote above, I want an SSD, but space is more important right now. I went with Western Digital because I, personally, have never owned a Western Digital drive that has failed. Meanwhile, I have never owned a Seagate drive (at least three) that didn't fail.

Optical Drive: Loud! But it was cheap, and I won't need it much.

OS: Used my existing Windows 7 key. Personally don't like Windows 8, waiting for Windows 10.

Other: I bought a storage drawer for one of the 5.25" bays. Doesn't match the case perfectly, but it works well to hold little things.

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