This is my first and currently only build, I'm planning on doing one for myself in the next couple of days when the parts come in but this was for my girlfriend Jessie. She wanted to be able to do some casual gaming, she's into the Nancy Drew Interactive games from her childhood, and obviously school work and general use and keep it around $500.

The APU is handling things great, nothing seems slow and she hasn't complained about anything!

The case by Silverstone is ok, not much to it, pretty solid and easy to work with. I only had a little trouble screwing in one corner of the motherboard, lower left I think.

As for the motherboard it seems pretty great as well, I just happen to be an idiot and didn't check to see if it had USB 3.0 headers. But such is life. The bios is fine, easy to navigate.

For a non-HDMI input monitor the Acer is great, no problems there.

Sorry for the lame picture, I put next to zero effort into cable management and the thought of pictures didn't occur until after it was together... oops. I'll do better with my next build!

Thanks for the feedback!



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