Alot can change in a year. This FX based build I first started last year in Jan 2014 when I sold my APU build to my best friend and you can see what I had beforehand here

I love this build then and I love it even more now. A beast of a multipurpose PC. Gaming, Live Streaming, Video Editing, Game Emulators etc. Probably won't need to make a complete new build for awhile. Let me take you on a journey on this build.

CPU = Bought last year and no complaints. 6 Cores and very overclockable. Stopped at 4.4Ghz because I feel like thats like the sweet mark.

CPU cooler = Simple cooler. Not much to say.

Motherboard = For the $90 I spent in Jan 2014, theres nothing to complain about. USB3, Sata 6, UEFI Bios. I will say though the fan port headers are the only bad part to this Mobo.

Ram = Fits the color scheme and was on sale when I bought it like 2 years ago.

Storage = Welp my case could do more but just to stick to 4. The Caviar Green was found from a old pc so just media storage. WD Blue for Steam Games and my recorded YouTube videos. Seagate was my first drive so Steam, school documents, etc. SSD for OS and such Adobe programs.

Video Card = My best upgrade this year. Bought used for $40 from my older brother's friend. He did say it was used for coin mining but only for a few days. Once I got it in my system, overclocked it to 270x stock mhz and never looked back. 1080p on most games at med to high settings. Dont need ultra except CS GO :)

Case = Okay for $69 It probably wasn't a good deal last year but I needed to build it before I went back school then. However, the build quality is there. Plenty of hdd and ssd mounts, cable management holes and pretty compact for a mid tower case. That impulse buy was good one and I dont want to change case. Maybe mod it if I want to.

Power Supply = Coming from a CX 430M and buying this one was a complete difference in cable management due most of it being flat cables. My only gripe is the red color coming out of the power supply for the pci-e power for the video card.

Monitor = Cheap IPS but alot of bang for your buck when I bought this two christmas' ago. No hdmi but not much of a matter for me as I use DVI anyway.

Sound Card = Latest addition that was a complete impulse buy when I was returning a defective tv tuner card at Fry's. For the price and the reviews it really does sound different than my on board audio. it sounds cleaner and I hear the helicopters in Dust 2 in CS GO(didnt know this was thing). Plus I had used PCI slots anyway.

Network adapter = When ethernet is far out of reach or my dorm internet takes a ****. Love it and the software can make a soft AP if needed. Dual Band as well.

Fan controller and Case fans = For performance and color scheme. Thats pretty much it.

Peripherals = Blue switches for the win and it was cheap and compact. I am a palm user and this refurb iKari fits my hand so well. Mouse pad is great nothing more to say. The infamous headphones with the detachable cable for $20. Desktop mic is great for its price. Good for voiceovers and livestreaming.

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great build very balanced +1