This was my first build, i did back in September 2015. This is used primarily for college desktop work and gaming. to be perfectly honest i used to hate computers before i started this project, simply because i didnt know anything about em. But i knew i needed something nicer than my $250 best buy clearance laptop i bought 6 years ago for college. So i opted to force myself to learn more and build this baby. literally spent about 6 months of all my free time on pcpartpicker and the rest of the worldwideweb doing research. and now im addicted lol

CPU: Perfect for surfing the web with multiple windows doing research, and getting down with some gaming once everything is done. Stock heat sink looked terrible and i saw someone on here sleeved their cable and got rid of the ugly blue sticker. Wish i had saved that build to give the dude some props :/

MOBO: Shes a beast. Bios are a breeze for my newbieness (that's a word right?). Boot time is just over 9 sec WITHOUT an ssd.

Memory: Fast for the basic stuff I'm doing and looks dope.

Storage: Coming from a laptop that takes about five minutes to boot i figured id save the money for an ssd until later and prices drop, so one is coming don't worry guys. WD Caviar Blue is one of the most stable HDD on the market so it was a pretty easy choice for me.

GPU: Originally gonna go for the 2GB version but when i went to buy it all the 4GB went on sale to the same price as the 2GB so that was another no brainer. Runs all my games (witcher, shadow of mordor, fallout) like a champ.

Case: Yeah i could have spent less on the case and bought an ssd but let be honest, we care alot about how these babies look. super easy to build in and great airflow.

PSU: Reliable, cheap, and plenty of power for my nonOC build. what not to love?

P.S. Excuse the piss poor pictures. they're taken on an iphone 5.


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Nice build +1

Looks good, it's true, we all care how it looks. Next step is to get an SSD, that 9sec will half easily.

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Nice build i just finished building my first PC and now I already want to start buying more parts XD overall nice build and hope you enjoy it.

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