This is only my second build and by far one of my favorites so far. This is still a massive work in progress and hope that everyone as a community can help maybe give pointers or opinions on this. So far it's a strong build with idea in mind to be a jack of all trades.

The cpu is a AMD 2200g from my first build Ryzen's Rage. This is one of the parts in particular that I myself plan to upgrade and put a better cpu cooler on it. I may jump to a 2700 or to a 3000 series AMD as I have already set up the motherboard bios to accept 3000 series. The 2200g is not a beef cake but it gets the job done. For cpu coolers I know amd gives some good stock but anything you would recommend would be amazing.

PSU has been doing great from what I have thrown at the little beast. Might do some full or semi modular psu. Do some custom cables from cable mods.

Motherboard is amazing for all odds and ends. I may possibly look into a different board to go with this theme of Darth Maul. Was thinking something like a ASRocks Steel Legend but have not gotten to that bridge yet.

Memory is very good and dependable as ever. Little wiggle room for some overclock thankfully when need be.

M.2 is amazing as I have never worked around them. Computer lights up fast and by fast i mean 5 seconds of less. The 5tb hhd I have most of my programs and game library on. May add another one if they go on sale again.

GPU is outstanding now that Radeon has fixed there driver that controls everything making it work perfectly.

Case is by chance my most favored so far besides lian Li cases that I have had my eyes on. It's small yet has room for everything plus more. Surprised it was heavy as it was. If your someone that wants a crap ton of customization this could be your case. It has a stacking feature which has peaked my interest. Might do some water cooling either by aio or that of a custom loop that will go in the stack. This case will be getting a custom paint job and stenciling to give it the embodiment of Darth Maul.

The orange fans add in some nice lighting along with an rgb strip that I got for the system.

Anyway as I said leave a comment, suggestion, or stay posted for updates to Darth Maul

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