Hey all. Until recently I had only ever bought premade computers from Futureshop and the like. They were always enough for me until I bought a gigabyte GTX680 and tried to put it in a Gateway unit I had. It was an ugly, hot, mess and I knew that I could go on no longer with my overpriced, underpowered boxes.

I named it Helios. After the golden God of the sun bringing me out of the darkness of my ignorance, AND after the advanced AI from Deus Ex - my favorite video game of all time.

I had my GTX680 already purchased, and my Silverstone power supply was one I pulled out of my old machine. Optical drives are fairly 1 size fits all so I used that as well. My keyboard (which is actually a G15), mouse, and monitors are all previously purchased so I did not include them in the price of my build.

CPU - I went with the i5 processor because I am only gaming, the only difference between the i5 and the i7 equivalent was hyperthreading and about $100. As I am not editing video I saw no real use in a CPU that would not be fully utilized.

MOBO - What a nice board. The Sabertooth Z87 is the heaviest, most rigid board I have ever seen. Plenty of extra goodies and features. It is also very visually appealing, able to tie together the overall colour scheme of my build and it just looks really sharp.

RAM - Stick with the colour scheme, good price. 'Nuff said

GPU - I could have got something beefier but I haven't noticed this card lacking in any area. I'll stick with it until I decide to set up SLI

Case - It was on sale! Plenty of space inside and good space behind the mobo plate for cable routing.

PSU - I really want a modular power supply... cable routing sucks.

SSD/HDD - 64GB for boot disk and random storage. 3TB for everything else I could ever install

CPU Cooler - Super efficient. I really hate the look of CPU heatsinks so liquid cooling was the only way to go. So noisy on startup, sounds a bit like a leafblower. After the initial spin up though they calm right down and the system hums at a pretty reasonable level.

The build took me about 4 hours, all the components cost around $600 less than buying my previous premade machine. I'm hooked on building and I'll never go back.

I look forward to comments and questions. Please tell me anything I could have done better. I am eager to learn more for next time.


  • 70 months ago
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What's going on with the PCI-E power cords? It's kinda hard to tell...looks like there are still tags on? It would clean up your look if you could swap those our for sleeved extensions or something if that's what's going on there.

  • 70 months ago
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Yeah, little tags on the PCI-E cords. There is altogether too much wire between the plugs so I think I'm doomed to just look weird until I cough up the money for a modular PSU. I would love to learn to sleeve cords but I would save that whole process for a nicer power supply.

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Very nice build, but those yellow 6 pins are killing me.

  • 69 months ago
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How's the headset?