Hey there! Want to read? I like to write. Welcome to my old new build. This one will go to local ads. And I'll be very happy to see it go away.

Purpose: because I LOVE to build computers. I salvage all the parts I can. I'm good at giving a second or third life to old computer components.

Note: prices include all taxes and shipping. Parts where not all bought yesterday and numbers shown are real historic prices. Sometimes prices are split between parts that were bought together.

Case: got it for free, it's a generic super standard mid-tower atx case. By the look you can tell it was meant to be a no frills cheap case that wanted to look cool and modern. It's tall, it's wide, it's deep, it's a top-mounted psu, cable management is awesome for a generic 2007 PC. I removed the fake decorative facing that was supposed to add some "silver" bling bling to the case. Now it's massive black. Overall, it was pleasant to work with this big case. One of the front usb port is broken.

CPU : core 2 duo E6550 2.33ghz bought in a part lot. What else to say? works!

Cooler: I first saw this one in a NESPC build (see and gave it a shot. Bought 2 of these and I'm very satisfied. I would have gotten more of them but I only needed one whenI made the purchase and I didn't know the product. Looks like 2 wasn't enough, can't predict the future! Ignore the Silverstone cooler, it went into another build already OR it's in one of my spare parts box.

RAM: 2x2gb Elpida bought on eBay in a hurry because I didn't want to use my super good Kingston/G.Skill ram nor do I wanted to test some spare ram I have. This picky mobo didn't want to run under ddr2-800. Cannot find Elpida brand on PCPP so crucial it is.

GPU: got it for free. Applied new paste on the processor. I was going to use onboard gfx but read about the motherboard...

Motherboard. THAT mobo. I bought it a long time ago when I decided to repair an HP s3620f that stopped working after about 1 year and a half. Anyways, that project fell short and dragged along for years and was completed in 2014 (see so I had this motherboard in my hands. I figured I would use it. HEADACHES is all I got from this one. But here I finally managed to understand and to treat it right and make it work.

That dreaded Zotac board...

-Onboard video: looked promising but it's broken! damn it. Even had HDMI out, how pretty.

-Memory: only the PC2-6400 worked, tried many variations.

-SATA/HDD: with 5 sata ports I originally thought I would use some RAID-0 with 4 drives but it went down the drain when I discovered this board doesn't have the RAID function. For Raid-0 fun see my previous build:

-cpu limited to 65w tdp which is okay since it's easy to find some cpu that fits but still a limitation I dislike on a socket 775.

HDD: taken from my main rig (see and voilà!

WiFi: I would need to check in device manager, don't remember what it is. It is N-rated for sure and has Bluetooth. I think it's an Atheros variant. Bought from eBay for 10$ I got the antenna and cable from Ebay for like 2$. I had a very hard time to plug in that small space. Removed the card, plug wire, and then try to put back the card in there and screw the ultra tiny microscopic screw.

Front 120mm fan: Cougar Hyper Spin Turbine 4-pack that I buy from NCIX when discounted. It has high static pressure and blows air where needed. It just works perfectly. Some fans claim to be efficient but fail to send the airflow where needed. Low RPM and low noise. Buy them if you can!! Placed where it can coold down the disk and the fanless graphic adapter. Rest of the heat will have to go through the rear fan and the psu.

Rear fan: Arctic Cooling F8 PWM PST with 4 pins splitter to attach with the cpu fan. Rear fan spins along at the same voltage as the cpu fan. Isn't it convenient?

PSU: brand new, corsair CX430 because it was a good price for the quality. They are popular and meant for that kind of build. I'm sure it will outlast all of the other parts! It it the best part of the whole computer at the moment.

ODD: I'm old school and I really appreciate the convenience of an optical drive. Backups, software, music, etc. This build is meant to be sold so I just fetched a SATA Super Multi from my pile of odd and attached it in place.

OS: installed Win7 SP1 with no serial. Will not my problem when the trial expires!

Card reader: generic card reader bought at the local electronic store. Not sure it still works (if it ever has) but the USB port works and it'll be handy since the case has only 1 in front. Second one went kaput. I think it's my last generic card reader so hopefully in my future builds you won't see that item again.

Rubber/silicon pins for the fans: they can strecth a lot!!! Cost a few pennies each from eBay. not listed in parts.

Keyboard: not shown but I have a couple of them in stock, bought for less than 30$ each all taxes and shipping included. I LOVE the K400

Final thoughts: Mini-ITX inside an ATX case? why not?! I would still buy Zotac products but I would certainly not wait for years before fully using the product, just in case I need to use the warranty. I got a lemon and I finally made some lemonade with it.

CONCLUSION: If you have read up to here, I would like to add this: I write a lot because without all the fine prints and footnotes it's not the same. It becomes more than a just a pc, it's a project, an adventure. And I like to know the how and the why when I read completed build's description, it's a way to gain some nice tips from other's experience. So I just want to do the same. If it can help out somebody to fine tune something or avoid a pitfall, then it was well worth writting it.

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Disclaimer: Cat not included

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dat true, that cat stays with me! thanks for watching

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"Bueno" - The cat

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lol I hope they stopped making the F-A-T line in 2007. There are better options nowadays

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