Another decommissioned PC at work lead to an i5-6600, Samsung SSD, HDD and 16GB RAM being dropped in my lap so I decided to complete it by scouring the internet for a decent 1xx series Intel motherboard, case and PSU. It was fun to build and I sold it afterward. (The pictures were taken in-progress and do not include the added fans or fan configuration).

  • The Corsair AIO CPU cooler was leftover after previous upgrades to another system. I had originally picked out a $20 Thermaltake UX100 for this build but I liked it so much I put it in my wife's PC.
  • The PSU was an open-box discount item from Micro Center.
  • The motherboard was tricky because I needed a balance between cost and quality. I didn't need a "Z" series with the locked CPU but "H" and "Q" series are too featureless so the "B" series is right in the sweet spot.
  • The case is a funny story because this case was originally part of my personal gaming PC. After falling in love with the S340 Elite I began to wary of the bad thermals and higher temps - I used it with the front panel removed for a time. While putting this refurb build together I came across a brand new Fractal Design Define R6 for $50! After seeing the Define R6 out of the box it was an easy decision to ditch the NZXT case which ended up in this build.
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