Intro and Upgrades

This is a PC I built about a year and a half ago, that I have upgraded as time goes on. The lovely machine has served me well and has undergone a few major changes, the spec list you see is the same as the original other than these things. The SSD's, I bought the SanDisk one for around £45 and installed my OS on it, a few months later I bought one Samsung Evo off of a friend who gets them cheap via his work and he threw in a second free which was nice off him. The case is also different, originally I had a Coolermaster HAF X but that thing was huge and a little bulky for my liking, made moving a pain too. I settled on the NZXT S340 as it was rather cheap, looks pretty nice and has good cable management and cooling options. The H90 replaced an old Phanteks CPU cooler that served me well but I felt that Water was probably the way to go. Windows 10 was a recent upgrade which I am thoroughly enjoying, and the mouse, keyboard and headset are all new. Originally I was running a nice standard HP Rubber Dome, I replaced that for a Corsair K65 which I ugraded to the Razer Blackwidow, however I sold this and bough I a TKL Ducky keyboard with white and blue keycaps which I am typing on now. The mouse was originally a cheap Pirex "gaming" mouse and replaced it with a Logitech G502 which is a lovely mouse to use. The headset was basically just many very cheap headsets that kept breaking until I got a wireless Creative Blaster which is fun as hell to use while running around the place.


This PC has been through a few name changes, while in the HAF X I pretty much just called it 'HAF' as it was close to HAL 9000 from Space Odyssey. Once I got the S340 I renamed it 'MSE-6' after the little mouse droids found on the Death Star. I have now renamed this build 'Upsilon' after the transport ship that Kylo Ren uses in The Force Awakens, I thought the ships were pretty cool also I am going to get a little Kylo figure to hide in the case somewhere.

The Hardware

Onto the components, the G47 Gaming motherboard isn't anything to shout about, pretty simple and straight forward it just damn well works. The RAM is another component not worth spending too much time talking about, you will get similar performance from most RAM in it's price range the main reason I got this set was because it was red which matched the motherboard and I like the fancy heatsinks. The storage drives are wonderful, the 1TB and 500GB were enough before I got the SSD's which are pretty much just a speed upgrade, I have installed Linux on one of the Samsung ones and am currently searching for something to do with the other. The PSU is more than enough to support this system and the only annoyance I have is that I did not opt for a fully modular PSU meaning I can't swap out to some nice CableMod cables.

The S340 is spacious for such asmall case which allows for good cooling. the cover that hides the backside of the motherboard tray is genius as you can route cables through it but have the bulk of the mess be hidden behind it, giving the build an overall cleaner look, also the quality of this mostly steel constructed case for the price is phenomenal .

The i5 4670k is a wonderful processor even at stock Voltage and Clock speed it runs fast, however once I got the watercooling I took the opportunity to run this CPU at 4.4GHz and get wonderful temps even under stress. I have no complaints about this CPU.

The 7950 while a little older still handles even some more modern games extremely well, I have been able to max out most games and run at a solid 30+ FPS, yes I know more is better, but 30 tends to be the minimum I allow and if I need more I just lower the settings a little.


Heaven Bench Score: Will add later

3D Mark FireStrike Score: (Will add later

Performance Test Score: 4491 Future Upgrades

As for future upgrades, my current plans are a new graphics card and a new monitor. I am still currently unsure on what GPU I would like to upgrade too. As for the monitor, I would love to get an ultrawide monitor as they look glorious.

A new Motherboard and CPU, this upgrade is probably a little way off as it isn't really necessary more just what I would like, I would love to upgrade my mobo to something with some more features and possibly with a nicer colour scheme (preferably an all black one) as for the CPU I have looked into AMD but overall think I will probably just upgrade to a new, more efficient Intel processor.

A desk, this is something that will improve my time at my computer greatly, I got a nicer computer chair for Christmas but a nicer, bigger desk would be absolutely lovely.


I hope you enjoyed reading about my build.


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  • 49 months ago
  • 2 points

Too many SSD's, 3/10 - IGN ;)

  • 48 months ago
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You can never have to many SSD's young one