FIRST BUILD *please be nice

Black Friday Prices:

i5-9600K -> $180 at Microcenter Hyper 212 RGB -> $30 (with $10 Newegg Rebate) MSI Z390 Gaming Plus -> $115 Amazon 16 Gb 3200 Vengence LPX -> $60 Newegg Samsun 860 Evo 1Tb -> $110 Amazon MSI RTX 2060 -> $295 with Newegg Rebate. Also got COD: Modern Warfare free with it Cooler Master H500 -> $102 Amazon Corsair TX650 Gold 80+ -> $70 (with $20 Newegg Rebate)

Total: $962 + tax This met my $1000 budget

PC purpose: Mostly Gaming, but some small programming tasks too. Built with upgradability in mind to keep up with modern gaming specs.

i5-9600K: Chose because of recent price drop, I wanted to try overclocking, and it had good review as a gaming CPU. It seemed like a good fit for my first try at a gaming build. Also, I will look to upgrade to a used i7-9700k or i9-9900k when 10th gen intel comes out because I am seeing a CPU bottleneck on some games.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 RGB: Price was only $5 more to get RGB, so why not. Also, this cooler has been more than enough and air cooling is very simple and great value. Even under overclock of 5.0 GHz, the cpu temp doesn't go above 65 degrees. (also attributed to the case)

MSI Z390 Gaming Plus: Good overclocking motherboard with all of the options I need. I also liked the red color scheme. 2 NVMe slots are really nice and will be used in the future when NVMe price goes down a bit.

Corsair 16Gb 3200: Some of the best RAM for a great price on black friday. Also matches the red motherboard.

Samsun 860 Evo 1Tb: Plenty of storage for the foreseeable future. Samsung is very reliable and this SSD is plenty fast enough for my needs.

MSI RTX 2060 Ventus XS OC: This specific RTX2060 was at a significant discount compared to all others, and I don't mind the design. It is from a reputable company (MSI) and I wanted to try overclocking. Ended up getting it to 1980 MHz core clock with 7820 MHz RAM clock at 75 C under full load. Averaged 210 FPS on Heaven at 1080p High settings, so I am happy with it.

Cooler Master H500: Much less money than Cooler Master's expensive cases with most of the features. AMAZING airflow and keep everything cool. Also nice than it comes with 3 fans pre-installed. I would recommend to anyone who likes the look.

Corsair TX650: Don't know the exact difference between TX and RMx, but it was reviewed well as a high-tier power supply. Got it due to the extreme discount on Newegg and semi-modular so it would help me on my first build.

Build process: Went surprisingly well! I was so excited that I would put the parts together as soon as I got them. The case had plenty of space which helped for building but now it looks kind of empty since I don't have any HDD's. Good for airflow though. If anyone else is doing a first build, just watch a ton of videos beforehand! There are many great resources on youtube.

Please share your thoughts! Or ideas of how to make Jarvis look cool.

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