i7 920 need more speed, bought parts for ryzen and kaby lake to see which one I like better. Neither but AMD made such effort in the packaging of this beautiful and large chip that I SO wanted to settle for Ryzen. You can tell that the people at AMD want this very much in our hand and it feels good.

So here I am desk mounting all the component, the socket M4 is far better quality than the dodgy LGA 1151, the stock cooler is fantasic and keeps the chip super cool and whisper quiet thanks to the great motherboard control. But still I wanted to play with liquid cooling so I install the 120 with some Conductaunaut.

Conductonaut spilled all over, making mercury like beads, so I sponge them with some cotton but instead it spreads, I pour isopropyl and finally the satanic substance gets absorbed. Off course it spilled on the mobo and in the M4 socket so I spent about 15 minutes cleaning everything up to avoid contact. Also the thing spilled on the floor, desk, it is evil. An also so much fun. Finally I get this mess under control and spread some on the (beautiful and large) CPU, it's like painting with oil, it's fun, then on the cooler, finally I merge the two. Temp drops by a cool 15C from the stock cooler. But it's noisy, so I tune the pump, which is awesomly controled by the mobo, and get silence. It's still more noisy than the stock cooler and the clicking sound of the pump is annoying.

Onto benchmark because that's what it's all about. Unity loads the same, scene load same, building is as slow as the 920, playback is faster. 3Dcoat is about 2x faster, 4x in painting. It's nice. Having multiple applications open at the same time is blazing but then I switch back to the old 920 and it's the sae feeling. OC-ing to 3.7 in auto, quite ok but that's not much improvement.

Overall it's not bad, not terrific either, A for Effort, AMD, and thank you for waking up the most monopolistic and lethargic company on the planet. Next year will be good. In the meantime it's all return. Not good enough but almost.

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A for Effort. Beautiful packaging, very good stock cooler that lights up, all that for 260$! Wat!? If you want to raytrace and want to do it in style, and feel like a rebel, get this. Otherwise wait next year.

CPU Cooler

Surprisingly good cooler for the size, with excellent mobo integration, but that clicking noise...


So clunky and hard to work through, clearly not mature.


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What kind of computer do you use currently? Is the build on PCPP?

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Thank You! :)