Hello all,

Well for starters this is my first build ever and I think you'll be able to tell from my selection of goodies and fan overkill. However, I plan to use this machine for 1. Gaming 2. Simple video editing 3. Entertainment (Play movies/music through entertainment center) 4. College/work related functions.

I would have to say that the hardest part of this whole build was trying to find the right parts for me and making sure each part work with the others. Lucky for me, I came across which made this build go really well. This web site not only made a complete nub like me capable of doing this, but also gave me great examples of what other pc builders were doing and why.

So, what worked well? The case for one worked very well. The Cooler Master Haf XB EVO is a very unique case. It has a horizontal layout, and in a way, compartmental design. The horizontal layout helped for the fact that for some reason it seemed to have much more space(at first) than other mid sized cases. Which I believe comes in handy when your a beginner and also trying to make big moves like liquid cooling parts of your pc. However, it did bite me in the butt later on when it came to cable management and installing the power supply unit and cords. With out removing parts from.... to be continued.


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shuldve gone with a gtx 780ti.....better performance for a much lower price

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Nice build man but why no Titan Black?

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I think it is a Titan Black, he may have just chosen the wrong part for the list.