This is my "gaming machine" well at least it will be when Santa brings me the GTX 770 to turn it into my gaming PC.

I built this PC after downloading BF3 for $8 in a humble bundle, mainly to see what all the fuss was about. That $8 game was too much for my laptop (which I was using for gaming at the time). It caused my laptop to overheat and would turn itself off after about 1 minute of play! So out of pure frustration - this $8 game has now cost me a new PC so is perhaps less of the great deal I thought it was!

I am really happy with this build - however If I'm honest I should have gone with the MSI motherboard, it is slightly cheaper, has red as its accent colour so would tie in with the theme and the Gigabyte one has a horrible bios - though as long as you don't want to go in there very often its OK. I perhaps also should have gone for a higher wattage power supply.

I loved the idea of building something around a Mini ITX setup, but also wanted something that produced low noise and good frame rates in games. I am getting good performance, even with the borrowed GTX 550ti. (try not to laugh too much when you see it in the photos!) but cannot wait to get the bigger 770 in the machine to see what it can really do in games. I am also waiting on delivery of the black front mesh panel and am going to spray the surrounds of the grills red to also pick out the colour. If I am feeling really brave I may also paint the other side panel to match the red window panel I have.

I will update this as it progresses...

UPDATED: I'm so glad I waited to get the graphics card as sure enough nvidia brought out the 970 which is what I opted for. 4gb of memory and using such little power, which meant I also didn't have to replace the 500w power supply. Great build which has done me proud. However I'm now looking to turn this into a home server and take some of the parts for an SLI ATX build. Watch this space...


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I'm saving to up to build a pc similar specs to this, can't wait!

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Nice build, I Hope Santa comes with that 770 fast! Good luck!

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I stumbled across this build as I was looking at the completed builds using this case. I am currently putting together a build using the BitFenix Phenom Mini ITX which is almost identical to the Prodigy. I was curious how other people have built in this case.

Anyways, very nice pictures and solid cable management. +1

I really like the red side panel. Reminds of those cars you sometimes see with different colored doors. :P

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Thanks and good luck with the build.

I do like the idea of an old banger car style build! Maybe I should sticker bomb the other panel?


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Which fan controller is this?